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Sichuan team official announcement: Hadadi Achilles tendon breaks need surgical treatment

On January 4, Beijing time, the Sichuan men’s basketball team officially announced that foreign aid Hadadi right Achilles tendon is broken and needed surgical treatment.

In today’s Sichuan match against Jilin, the Sichuan team’s foreign aid Hadadi fell to the ground without confrontation. At that time, he was preparing to break through, and he fell as soon as he started. He was then carried out of the stretcher.

For Hadadi, who is already 37 years old, Achilles tendon break is very terrible for his sports career. I hope that all athletes can stay away from injuries. I wish Hadadi to return to the field as soon as possible.

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  1. If it does not have a big impact on the ball

  2. is not a rebound, this is a steal [laugh]

  3. return to the field.The 37 -year -old recovery is very slow, and the psychological shadow is not easy to eliminate.There is no problem to return to the court.Bless him to recover soon

  4. 37 -year -old Hardadi and 38 -year -old Yi Jianlian, face Hadadi out of an old image, but Hadadi on the court can play better.

  5. Jilin team on the 11th of the injured Hadadi to the top of Hadadi to the rebound …

  6. This age is really easy to suffer from this injury

  7. is equal to retirement directly, recover soon!

  8. Blessing Hadadi recovers

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