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Shi Xueqing called on the General Administration to make another heavy punch to set off a new storm of anti -corruption and anti -crime

On December 3, Shi Xueqing, a famous football football football, posted a post on his personal Weibo, calling on the General Administration of Sports to make a heavy punch. With the “iron case” as a breakthrough, it set off a new storm of anti -corruption and anti -crime of football.

Shi Xueqing wrote on his personal Weibo: The three Asian teams of the World Cup group stage entered the top 16.In particular, both Japan and South Korea defeated or eliminated the world championship are very eye -catching and amazing!In contrast, Chinese football has become a chicken rib and frequent accidents.Former national coach Li Tie has been supervised and investigated for “suspected serious violations”.Immediately afterwards, three more players were taken away … Obviously, the “iron case” was either isolated, and it can be determined that either nesting or a “skewers case”, which must be a refraction of the current status of Chinese football.In contrast to Australia, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and other Asian teams, we must have made our vibration and reflection.After that, we can find the direction and make it lightly.

The most important job at the moment is to mess up the mud and garbage anyway.Here, as a senior football person, I strongly call on the disciplinary inspection and supervision department of the State General Administration of Sports to learn from the 2009 experience of the football scanning storm. With the breakthrough of Li Tie’s case, it has set off a new storm of anti -corruption and anti -crime.For key characters in professional leagues, key investigations can even be investigated for ten years.Shen Yan must use a fierce medicine.Only by sweeping and removing those martial arts and Mattong of Chinese football development in the development of Chinese football, can we replace the healthy development of Chinese football.

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  1. It was found that the Linlin was found. Will the two still far away

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    一怀怀怀用户用户用户用户用户怀怀怀怀怀用户用户用户 12月 4, 2022 at 2:33 上午

    —————————— The ball is not removed, the three big goals are hard to see!

  3. [Hum] [Hu] The book has a book, there are wooden crickets, and there is a life of a lifetime now ————————— the ball of the ball!

  4. Xie Yalong, Yang Yimin, Nan Yong, did not warn Li Tie.

  5. What do these people think?Good people do n’t do, do n’t do it, do n’t want to be a mouse, and then eat meals, hey!This group of sinner who ruined the national football team is really hateful, and it is not allowed to play back. It is too hateful!IntersectionIntersectionThe self -interest has damaged so many people!IntersectionIntersection

  6. It is easy to rectify those officials [Steel]

  7. What does it mean?

  8. Chinese football?Washing and sleeping, what is the effort?[Digging nose]

  9. may be jumping off the building!

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    Weddingperson-ZhangYu 12月 4, 2022 at 2:33 上午

    I checked for ten years, haha … Caihong and belts shaking, this is to kill the unreasonable 猢狲!The future is available!

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    Weddingperson-ZhangYu 12月 4, 2022 at 2:33 上午

    I hope to find it up to the end

  12. Let the layman management internal travel is a mistake.At least the lack of perception of the professional field, the ultimate pursuit and the love in their bones.Some conspiracy theorists even believe that the current management is not willing to participate in the World Cup, so that there is room for them to pursue some realistic things outside the professional field.Although this is just a conspiracy theory, it is difficult to not make people think about the current situation of Chinese football development in the past 20 years.When the avalanche, no snowflakes were innocent.But for Chinese football, this avalanche should have collapsed!

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