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Shenzhen coach Zheng Yonggang suddenly fell on the sidelines and got up after treatment

News on January 15, Beijing time, the 27th round of the CBA regular season, the second quarter of the Qingdao competition in Shenzhen, the head coach of the Shenzhen team Zheng Yonggang suddenly felt uncomfortable when he commanded.

Medical staff immediately entered the site for treatment. After simple treatment, Zheng Yonggang got up and continued to coach.

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    HoneyThreeSwords_95790 1月 17, 2023 at 3:03 上午

    CBA is really a scorpion shit

  2. ridiculous!People are neither money nor medical resources. It is best to find a suitable opportunity for spraying.I really have to go to the hospital for a good check.

  3. Only 52 years old is so old. I thought 70, and take care of my body.

  4. Hospitalized examination in time may be a precursor to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases!

  5. said that “the cost of seeing a doctor is high” is blind rhythm

  6. laughed to death.Please choose the entry point with the rhythm. Otherwise, except for shame, it will not work [laugh]

  7. I hope good health!

  8. This is the current situation of the Chinese people. Dare to or unwilling to go to the hospital for examination, minor illness does not treat, lack of medical resources, high cost of seeing a doctor, etc. The country should pay attention to it!

  9. Hypoglycemia

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    FisheriesLaoGao||..CatsfishinginChina 1月 17, 2023 at 3:03 上午

    The pressure on various industries should reduce some work pressure.

  11. Excessive nutrition

  12. Care, the body is tight.[被 被]

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