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Shenhuahai Port won the Big Football Association Cup or will stage Shanghai Derby?

Source: Shangguan News Author: Chen Hua

Whether the Chinese Football Association Cup final will usher in a fierce “Shanghai Beach Derby”!

The first round of the 2022 China Football Association Cup finals are in the first round of Suzhou, Jiangsu.On the 4th, the Shanghai Shenhua team coached by Wu Jingui won 5-1 to win the Cangzhou Lion team; on the 5th, the Shanghai Harbor team swept the Chengdu Rongcheng team 4-0 -there were nearly 1,000 hardcore fans, respectively.For the first time to enter and exit the Chinese professional football field.They are also looking forward to: the Chinese Football Association Cup final, can it usher in the “Shanghai Derby” that can usher in the fierce stimulus!

4-0, seaport continues the rhythm of winning

After the Croatian Laikovo, the most familiar stranger Xi Zhikang served as the temporary coach of the Shanghai Harbor Team.Since the 2014 season, Xun Zhikang has always worked in the team, knowing these players very well.As a result, the appropriate technical and tactical, reasonable personnel matching, and the tacit locker room atmosphere made the Shanghai Harbor team finally return to the familiar winning track.

On January 5th, the first round of the FA Cup Cup finals compete in the first round. Since Chengdu Rongcheng dispatched the whole Chinese class or even most of the U21 young players, the results of the game lack of suspense.In the end, relying on the wonderful performance of foreign aid Karon, the Shanghai Harbor team easily won 4-0 to lay the foundation for the promotion of the semi -finals.

Caron is a black foreign aid with a low -body and fast speed. It has the dual nationality of the Netherlands and Sierra Leine. It is the nephew of Inter Momadam Caron.Although he is only 1.63 meters tall, he has played more than 30 times on behalf of the national youth teams at all levels of the Netherlands, and it is also the national team of the Sierra Leine national team.Unfortunately, such a powerful player lacks performance opportunities under Ryoko, and almost missed the starting time, at most it is about 10 minutes of appearance time.

After Shi Zhikang was at the helm, Caron became a new discovery of the team, his right breakthrough, and became the team’s main tactics.In this campaign, Caron played the most exciting game after joining the Shanghai Harbor Team.After Lu Wenjun broke the goal, Caron took Wu Lei’s long -pass assist, exerted the speed advantage forward, and passed the goalkeeper to push the door to get the score to 3-0.Before the end, Caron voted for Li, and sent an assistant on the right to help Wu Lei eat the cake easily in front of the door and lock the score to 4-0.

After the game, Xun Zhikang said: “In the first game of the New Year, the first round was successfully won, laying the foundation for the successful promotion, and thanked the fans for coming to Suzhou to cheer for us. Caron is a major breakthrough point in our team. The former coach gave it to our team.His time is relatively short, and his state is unstable. Now he gives him enough time, hoping that he can play a better level in the final. “

Xun Zhikang revealed, “We sought Wu Lei’s opinion before the start of the game. He said that he could play for about 30 minutes. We arranged him to find a state. He had to reach the best state.It has been restored. “Oscar, the largest star of the Super League, has also returned to Harbor, and Ji Zhikang revealed,” Today’s game, Oscar also wants to play, but we have no bottom.The price is great. Later, we look at his status through training, and it is unclear now. “

5-1, Shenhua teenager shows vitality

On January 4th, the first round of the quarter -finals of the Chinese Football Association Cup, the Shenhua team of the young player as the team bloomed the youth storm, bloomed more, and finally won the Cangzhou Lion 5 to 5 to 1.After the game, the head coach Wu Jingui mentioned that the U21 echelon players who were promoted to the competition list performed beyond expectations. In terms of training and competition attitude, the Shenhua team had a team.

Previously, the management team of the new shareholder of the club came to the Kangqiao Base to meet with Shenhua Quan team, and Shenhua’s stock reform entered the final transfer stage.For the team, the journey this season has not yet ended, and the FA Cup 1/4 finals rang the drums in Suzhou.Because most of the players in Shanghai stay in Shanghai, Shenhua’s lineup of the Football Association Cup is based on young players such as Zhu Chenjie, Jiang Shenglong, Zhou Junchen, Wang Haijian, Wang Yi, and three veterans of Eddie, Yu Hanchao and Sun Shilin. At the same timeThe U21 echelon regulated 7 players.Wu Jingui said with a smile that this team may not be familiar with everyone.As a result, this face -born team, facing the opponent Cangzhou lion, who is also a Chinese Super League, completed a great victory at the Suzhou Olympic Sports Center.

In the first half, Shenhua scored two goals ahead.Zhou Junchen’s free kick caused the opponent’s oolong. Then, in the corner kick, Eddie made Zhu Chenjie’s head hammer into the net.Yibian received a return from Zhou Junchen’s left rib bottom line, and U21 teenager Fernando copied the door.Soon, He Longhai’s breakthrough caused the opponent’s goalkeeper to save his hand, and Zhou Junchen made another point.Although the Cangzhou male lion recovered a goal by Luo, Shenhua was not reluctant, and received a pass from Fernando, Xu Yougang added the cake.In the end, the young Shenhua team won the opponent 5-1, and one foot had stepped on the Football Association Cup.

After the game, Wu Jingui believed that the team members played their own skills and tactics. Especially after the launch of the 01, they also played the deployment before the game. They were very happy as the head coach.In this game, including the goalkeeper Zhou Zhengkai, who had previously been transferred to the first team, the starting lineup Shenhua went to 4 U21 players, and in the second half, he replaced 4 U21 players.Among them, the front line of Fernando scored 1 goal and assisted once, his performance was eye -catching.You know, the opponent is also a team of the Super League. The teenagers have achieved such results, which makes people shine.Wu Jingui said that in the case of difficulties today, the performance of the echelons exceeded their expectations. “Overall, several young players have reached the requirements of the first team in training and competition attitude. I hope they can be in the next step.In the competition, better play his own skills and tactics. “Wu Jingui also said,” I also believe that they all have the opportunity to enter the first team, and we will also give them more opportunities to exercise growth. “

At present, the probability of Shanghai Shenhua and Shanghai Harbor to enter the Chinese Football Association Cup is not small. Although it will also face the semi -finals, many Shanghai fans look forward to: I hope that Shenhua and Harbor will meet in the Football Association Cup finals.Wonderful exciting “Shanghai Beach Champion Derby”!

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