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Shealfall’s waist injury does not want to support the sentry championship again, retreat midway

On January 7, Beijing time, Xander Schaufflele, the sixth place in the world, announced 8 holes in the second round of the sentry championship.

Last season, he won the championship three times last season. At the age of 29, Zhan Delo Foofeller had the first time to confront the waist injury. The second round at the time of retirement was 1 higher than the standard pole, and the total score of the event was less than 2.

He made this decision after consulting the boyfriend Austin Kaiser.

“Austin told me in Cave No. 9, he said this: ‘Do you know, the West Bank swing competition, we still have a lot of competitions to play, that’s important to us,'” Zande Shefler said, “”He went on to say: ‘In the future, you look back, will you be proud of making greater injuries because of brave competition? Or, let’s stay smart, just do it? You know, we still have a long way to go.’So we made this. “

Zande Solofel said that since the Hero World Challenge of Bahamas has been confronting the waist injury.He carried it last month and eventually ranked fourth.Looking back on the past, he said in Caparuva on Friday that he made a mistake and should do the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging detection immediately after the Hero World Challenge.

Once he returns to the United States, he will do so immediately.

“I am 29 years old, and I need to protect my health,” he said. “I feel that I do this well. Unfortunately, I did not make a clear depression. Once I tested it, I studied the problem.Let all experts see … If they tell me that there is no problem, I think I will get better, and I won’t be afraid of what I do. “

Prior to this, Zande Shefler had given up on Wednesday’s career/amateur match.He also said that the team’s more than the auspicious Boattin, Caesar, suggested that he watched the long-term and quit the game.

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