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Shanghai Port has been eliminated by the Japanese team this year by the Japanese team for three consecutive years?


Shanghai Hong Kong AFC Champions League

After exhausting the last breath, Shanghai Shanggang still failed to win Pu and Red Diamond on the way. In the end, because of the disadvantage of the goal away, it missed the semi -finals. It is worth mentioning that this is already eliminated by the Japanese team in Shanghai’s Shanghai Port for three consecutive years, and the Japanese teams who won the AFC Champions League eventually won the AFC Champions League. [No need to download click to play! Create an exclusive giant hegemony Asia]

In 2017, although the Shanghai Shanggang Group Entering broke through, it lost to Puhe Red Diamond. After entering the knockout, Shanghai Shanggang eliminated the Super League’s “Brothers” Jiangsu Suning and Guangzhou Evergrande in the semi -finals, but in the semi -finals, Shanghai Shanggang encountered Puhe Red Diamond again. 1-1 tied the opponent, lost to the opponent 0-1 away, and the total score was eliminated by 1-2. That year, Puhe Red Diamond finally won the AFC Champions League. [Suggestion is too unexpected? Big data prediction AFC Champions League Cai Lottery] [Xu Yang He Wei and other big coffee interpretations] [Download app]

In 2018, Shanghai Shanghai Port entered the top 16 in the AFC Champions League, and the knockout game encountered the Japanese team again. However, Shanghai Shanggang still did not change the fate of being eliminated. They lost 1-3 away, making the victory of the second round 2-1 become futile. That year, Kashima Antlers finally won the AFC Champions League.

In 2019, the defending champion of the Chinese Super League attacked the Shanghai Port. After eliminating the Korean overlord Juanbei Hyundai in the quarterfinals, he encountered the Japanese team Puhe Red Diamond in the quarterfinals. However, Shanghai Shanghai Port not only did not report the revenge of 2017, but also added new hatred. They tied their opponents 2-2 at home and tied their opponents 1-1 away. In the end, they were eliminated because of one goal and one goal.

“Fear Day” has become a heart disease in Shanghai Shanghai Port. But in fact, it is not just Shanghai Shanghai Port. The teams of the Super League seem to have a few Japanese teams this year. This season, the four Super League teams have played the AFC Champions League, but so far, no team can take 3 points away from Japan. In the group stage, Shanghai Shanggang took 2-2 away to draw Kawasaki forward 2-2; Evergrande’s away 0-1 Hiroshima three arrows; Beijing Guoan away 0-3 Puhe Red Diamonds; Shandong Luneng 1-2 Kashima Antlers away.

So who can the Banner of the Chinese Super League team resist Japan? From the current point of view, Guangzhou Evergrande, the Chinese Super League, is most hoped to rewrite this embarrassing record. On September 18, Guangzhou Evergrande will challenge the AFC Champions League Champions Kashima Antlers in the away game. In the first round, Guangzhou Evergrande played 0-0 with Kashima Antlers at home. In the second round, Guangzhou Evergrande only needs to win or score the goal to eliminate the defending champion.

However, it is not difficult for Guangzhou Evergrande to win away, because Guangzhou Evergrande has not won the Japanese team for four consecutive years. In addition to the defeat of the 2019 group stage, the 2018 AFC Champions League group stage, Guangzhou Evergrande away 0-0 Osaka cherry blossoms; 2017 AFC Champions League group stage, Guangzhou Evergrande away 0-0 Kawasaki forward; 2016 AFC Champions League group stage, 2016 Guangzhou Evergrande away 0-1 and red diamonds. Guangzhou Evergrande defeated the Japanese team’s last away game and traced back to the AFC Champions League 2015.

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