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Shanghai Media: Why can’t the management of Shenhua change the player coach?

Live broadcast on November 10th. Today, the five -star sports article commented on the current situation of the Shenhua team. It is believed that the Shenhua team needs to “update the replacement, the old and new”, and even consider changing the club management.

According to statistics, in the 8 seasons, Shenhua introduced 66 players, 42 internal aid, and 24 foreign aid. On average, there are 5 people in one year and 3 foreign aid. The money does not spend less, but the effect is flat. This year, the FA Cup was launched with 10 30+ and 19 30+ lists. Except for 3 U23, the youngest is 29 years old. Therefore, the Shenhua Club is really worrying, and the vision is even more worrying.

In this regard, the Shanghai media gave the following suggestions:

The first is to re -position the team. In recent seasons, after Shenhua introduced a number of old players with national international experience, public opinion had deviated on the team’s strength and shouted unrealistic goals. Only the self -awareness is clear, the team’s next strategy formulation can be more reasonable. A middle reaches of the team must do things down to the ground and do not shout to win the championship, but also let the fans see hope.

When it comes to “hope”, update the replacement and start a business again. The national and prospective internationals are matched with experienced veterans and foreign aids, which is the secret of the team’s success. But seeing that only Zhu Chenjie can be selected for the national team now, it can already explain the problem. At this stage, Shenhua must cultivate newcomers. If there will be a central axis close to the strength of the national team in the future, it will be expected in the future.

The third is to establish a football style. Now the style of this Shenhua team is actually unclear, so it is necessary to establish a style that is in line with the characteristics of modern football, transform in a more technical direction, gradually metabolizes players who do not meet the characteristics, and follow this direction to guide transfer and find coaches in this direction. Essence

In the end, the record is not good, the players can be replaced, and the coach can be replaced. Why can’t the management be changed? After eight years of testing, it has not made people feel that such management is capable of leading Shenhua to start a business again.

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