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Shanghai Media: Taishan Super League champion is holding Hao Wei to expect the League Football Association Cup double championship

According to the surging news report, Shandong Taishan did not give any opportunity to Shanghai Harbor and defeated Harbor 2-0. The 8-point advantage, plus the 2-0 advantage of each other, allowed the Taishan team to win the league championship basically. If everything goes well, playing 2-3 games, Taishan can reach the top in advance.

“After the second stage starts, the team’s performance is becoming more and more mature. I hope that the team can continue their good status to the Football Association Cup final.” In this sentence, you should be able to read Hao Wei that the Chinese Super League champion is in the established establishment. Facts -he has already aimed at the Football Association Cup finals. At that time, it would be Taishan and Harbor, and the two teams would win a win and defeat.

Of course, compared to the league championship that rely on the overall performance of the long season, a competition system of the Football Association Cup will still make the ownership of the championship full -Taishan and Harbor will play three consecutive games in a month. The first two games determined the league championship, and the last game determined the FA Cup champion.

In the first game, Harbor was lost due to Paulinho’s absence. In the case of Ainau leaving the team Lopez, Paulinho, who joined Xiamen, plays the role of the team’s frontcourt accelerator, and his suspension leads to the first game in Harbor.

But to a certain extent, Taishan has no chance to adapt to the power of the two of Oscar and Paulinho. At the stage of the Football Association Cup final, this can be regarded as a secret weapon in the harbor.

Maybe this is the so -called Saon lost his horse?

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  4. If Taishan won the league, it is estimated that the cup is the dock! There are many ways to win and defeat in a fixed defeat, such as sullenness, moaning …

  5. After Evergrande, when they came to Shandong, Chen Wharf spent tens of billions of countries and got a runner -up! Intersection

  6. This has long been traded. Harbor abandon resistance. Shandong gave up the Football Association Cup. Say things

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