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Shanghai Media: Taishan is the Football Association Cup to win the hot sea port team to make a good profit before the final

As Shandong Taishan won the Super League championship this season, Shanghai Harbor also locked the AFC Champions League qualification. Everyone’s focus is on the 2021 FA Cup final on January 9. The Singapore Super Fighter Lord Shandong Taishan is undoubtedly a major winning championship. Due to Brazilian foreign aid Paulinho’s hand fractures, once the finals of the Football Association Cup, the team can only use Oscar and Muy’s dual -foreign aid lineup to match the five foreign aids, Shandong Taishan.

Oscar is the core of the Harbor Team. This season, 15 assists have been sent on the Chinese Super League and the Football Association Cup. His role is beyond doubt. What made the head coach Ryoko was happy that the original Australian midfielder Muy, which was originally poor, has gradually retrieved the rhythm and feeling on the court through the continuous competitions of the championship team.

In the first seven rounds of the second stage of the Chinese Super League, Muy scored 4 goals as a midfield player, and the two strikers of the Shenzhen team’s Caldkk and Zhang Yuning of Beijing Guoan tied the “Sagittarius King” in the championship stage. Especially in the past two games, Muy scored 3 goals, giving full play to the characteristics of strong insertion and excellent long shot.

For his current state, Moyi is quite satisfied. “Because it takes a long time of entry isolation, this time I have returned to the preparation period of the championship team. After the normal training of the previous stage, and the recent continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous In the game, I feel that I have recovered well, and I also enjoy the feeling of being able to return to the field. “

Due to family reasons, Muy missed the second half of the second stage of the Chinese Super League. Otherwise, the team may not be worse than the points in the second stage to win the championship team before entering the second stage.

The head coach Raioko opened the second degree by the team’s plum and defeated Guangzhou City 2: 1, and also regretted talking about this problem. “He is a very, very important member of the team, but he has to be in the league. I am absent from 9 important games. “

“I am glad to hear the head coach’s evaluation of me. I have always focused on the team and do my best on the field. This is what I should do.” Muy responded, “Of course, because of my personal family, I I have to return to Australia once and absent from the team’s mid -season competition. Due to the epidemic, it is not easy to enter Australia to deal with personal affairs. The last game of the first stage of the Chinese Super League is. How I also hope that everything has happened for me and my family. Now everything has passed, and I return to the team to fight with my teammates. This is Make me happy. “

In the Football Association Cup final, the Harbor team will once again compete in Taishan, Shandong. Muy also talked about their views on the battle of the championship. “First of all, we must restrict the characteristics of the opponent. Middle. We must also play our own characteristics, and we must play a high level. We played badly with the first game in Taishan, Shandong, and did not have the opportunity to create scores. I believe that the coaching team will have more about this game. Targeted arrangement. “

The FA Cup final, if Paulinho with a fracture on the hand cannot play, the seaport team has to play with double foreign aid. However, Muy believes that this cannot be the reason and excuse for the team’s unable to play. “This is football. Sometimes there will be injuries, sometimes someone will suspend the game. Sometimes players absent from the game for some reasons, so they will be absent from the game. Like me this season. For the players who play, they must do their best to win the game. Of course, Paulinho and other players are excellent. We will miss them, but this is not what we play well. Express. We have no reason not to win this game. “

On the last international competition day, Muy was not called to participate in the Top 12 of the World Championship by the Australian national team. According to Moyi, the two rounds of the 12 rounds of the end of January and early February, he will play for the national team. After the team. After that, I will return to the UK with my family for a period of time. “

Source: News Morning News Author: Yu Jiong

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