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Shanghai Hengsha Yukin Super III win the first year of the championship Zhu Yuanbo leads MVP

On December 16th, the Chinese men’s three -person basketball super league (abbreviated as: Super Three League) in the 2022 season ended.Shanghai Hengsha Yukin defeated Shanghai for a long time at 16:15 and won the season championship.Zhu Yuanbo, Shanghai Hengsha Honorary, is the most valuable player in the finals with excellent personal performance.

At the award ceremony, Xu Jicheng, a member of the State General Administration of Sports and the joint party committee member of the China Basketball Association, and Xie Xiaoping, deputy director of Haikou Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Bureau, to award trophy and medals to the champion athletes.The president of Anta brand and CMO Zhu Chenzhang awarded exclusive championship shoes to the champion team. Xu Jie, director of basketball project of China Mobile Migu Sports Division, presented Zhu Yuanbo’s most valuable player trophy to the finals.

The playoffs and finals of the Super League this season are held in Haikou Sun Moon Plaza.

At the beginning of the finals, Tang Zihao and Fredric hit two consecutive points, and the two sides scored alternately.In the following competitions, Zhu Yuanbo and Guo Hanyu began to impact the inside, and soon established a 5 -point lead.

Subsequently, although Yan Peng hit two points, Zhu Yuanbo’s continuous inside attack still kept Shanghai Hengsha Yumin’s advantages.

With Luo Xudong and Yan Peng hit two consecutive points in a row, Shanghai Jiu Jiu equalized the score.In the final reading stage, Zhu Yuanbo attacked the game with a tough inside line.

Super Three League is the highest level of three -person basketball competitions hosted by the China Basketball Association and a wholly -owned subsidiary of the China Basketball Association.The fourth domestic professional basketball event.

Following the transition season in 2021, the Super League officially entered the first year in the 2022 season.Since the start of August 4 this season, 16 teams have traveled to Zhangjiagang, Chongqing, Chengdu, Texas, and Lijiang. After 4 months and 11 rounds of battle, 12 teams will finalize Haikou, for the time.The championship is high.

The three -person basketball project is currently in the stage of booming in China. Xu Jicheng, a member of the State General Administration of Sports Basketball Center and a member of the China Basketball Association, said: “Looking back on the entire season, we find that the three -person basketball potential is huge.It has been welcomed by local governments and fans. Especially in the opening ceremony of Zhangjiagang and the closing ceremony of Haikou, they all attracted a large number of live audiences to stop and watch. Super three leagues are an open and shared stage. I hope that the future will be possible in the futureThere are more teenagers who are involved in it. “

This season’s Super League slogan designated the finals as: “Super three exceptions”, and is committed to presenting a series of different series of basketball confrontation, faster offense and defense conversion, and greater suspense of the event to the audience through wonderful games.Charm.

After the three -player basketball officially became the Olympic game, the Super League sent Yan Peng, Zheng Yi, Zhu Yuanbo, Guo Hanyu and many other athletes to the national teams at all levels.In the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, the Chinese Basketball National Men’s Team of the Chinese also became the only three major men’s teams to advance to the Olympic Games.

Speaking of the future development of the Three League, Yan Xiaoming, general manager of Shenzhen Sports, said: “Compared to the five -person basketball, the establishment and operation of the three people’s basketball clubs are more flexible, no fixed venues are required, and the tournament of the home tour is also more conducive to the home tour.The sponsor’s operation in the localized market, so the event has also won the favor of more brands and investors. “

“The person in charge of each club is also very optimistic about the long -term development of the Super League, and is willing to invest in long -term to enhance the competitiveness of the team and the athlete’s competitive level. In the future, the Super League will continue to strengthen the systematic construction and sustainable development.While providing the stage with dreams, they strive to cultivate more backbone for the national three -person basketball. “(Super 3)

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