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Shandong Taishan duel Wuhan Three Town Football Association Cup Taishan first sounds

Reporters Chen Yong and Lu Mi reported that the Super League of the season, the PK of the three towns and Taishan is the main theme of the championship. In the end, the three towns won the advantage of the net winning ball to win the Tyedyama.The three towns do not have the minds of competing for the championship. Not only did they have no foreign aid, but even the main force did not go to a few. In this way, the Thashan first -time foreign aid reversed the opponent 3 to 1.4 The top 4 issues are not big.

After winning the championship celebration, the three towns began to study the FA Cup combat plan. From the perspective of the competition, they had the meaning of “giving up”.The first is the coaching team. The leader Yu Chen was attending the pre -match conference.The head coach Pedro has not returned home for 3 years after arriving in the three towns.I was scheduled to go back last Christmas last year, but because of the adjustment of the Chinese Super League, I can only give up.After the celebration of the championship, the club fake Pedro and foreign coach groups in advance.

The absence of the main players is more common in the Super League. The big list of the three towns is mainly based on the substitutes. The young players are supplemented by the young players. The big list is not even full.

It is reported that foreign aids do not fight. The club hopes that they will be with their families. In addition, many players in the last few rounds of league are injured and sick. The club hopes that they will take a rest and then participate in winter training.

Among the lists of the three towns, Lin Kejun, Ren Xiqing, Min Zixi and Yan Zheng are all from the youth training of the three towns. Min Zixi and Yan Zheng are the 05 echelon players in the three towns.In this game, Lin Kejun first played for 67 minutes. Wu Mi Tijiang played for 45 minutes. Ren Xi celebrated the bench for 23 minutes. Min Zixi played for 18 minutes. Only Yan Zheng did not play.

Relatively speaking, Taishan attaches more importance. Although the three foreign aids of Feliley, Cresan and Jedsong cannot be played due to injuries, the local players are relatively neat and the startup is relatively strong. The goalkeeper Wang Dalei; the defender Song Long, Zheng Zheng, Shi Shi, stone, stone, stoneKe and Wang Tong; midfielder Sun Junhao and Moyeus; the frontcourt attack end is Chen Pu, Wu Xinghan, Jin Jingdao and Guo Tianyu.

Surprisingly, the first goal was the three towns. In just 4 minutes, Tao Qianglong broke the goal about 30 meters. Then, Taishan counterattacked and controlled the rhythm, but the three town goalkeeper Wu Fei performed well.Taishan has not succeeded in many attacks. Until the 41st minute, Song Long tied the score.

In the 57th minute, Liu Yang helped Taishan to overtake; in the 86th minute, Liu Binbin broke the door on the right. In the end, Taishan won 3-1.

After the game, the three town teaching assistant Long Jing first thanked the fans from afar, and then thanked the team members to show the spirit of active hard work.”In the first half, we played well. In the second half, it may be due to physical fitness and more young players. But it has declined. But in general, it is more satisfied. The next game will have a better performance.” Long Jing said.

Although it is a two -round game, because it is a game -making game, there is no such thing as a away goal. In this case, foreign aids in 3-1 and the second round of the three rounds of foreign aid are still missing. Taishan Jin enrolled in the top 4 issues.

However, Taishan must face two issues, one is foreign aid. After the game, Hao Wei revealed that Moisus was replaced by injuries and did not enter the game list.EssenceFrom the perspective of the game, after lack of Credan, although Taishan created a lot of scoring opportunities, the ability to grasp was obviously insufficient.In this case, the recovery of foreign aid, especially Cresan and Moisse, is very important for the Tarzan Future Football Association Cup.

Another is the state. In this game, Taishan basically controlled the game, but failed to convert the advantage into more goals; and on the defensive end, Taishan also exposed some problems. Although Tao Qianglong’s goal is far away, the goal of Tao Qianglong is far awayShooting, but the defense in this area obviously has certain problems. Not only that, Taishan also gave a chance to easily get the ball in front of the three towns in the penalty area, but the opponent failed to grasp it.Taishan’s opening was slightly relaxed.

Promoting the top 4, Taishan is not a big problem, but the next semi -finals, the challenges encountered are not small. The semi -finals are a fixed victory. The opponent is basically locked as Shenhua. Most of the Shenhua will play in the Chinese class this season. The performance is not vulgar.If Taishan gives an opponent with too many opportunities, you may encounter big trouble.

Therefore, in the subsequent competition, Taishan must be more concentrated and invested.

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