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Shaanxi 2022 World Women’s International Chess Peak Stock Contest Starting Weekend

From January 7th to 8th, the fourth “Belt and Road” Shaanxi 2022 World Women’s International Chess Master Peak Tour will be held in the Beilin District of Xi’an in the ancient city.

Twelve women’s chess masters from countries along the “Belt and Road” participated in the competition.The six domestic players are Guo Qi, Ning Kaiyu, Zhai Mo, Xiao Yiyi, Ni Shiqun, Li Xueyi, and they will play in Xi’an; the six foreign players are: Socko, Monika (Poland), Khotenashvili Bela (Georgia), Stefanova AntoAneta, Assaubayeva Bibisara (Kazakhstan), Efroimski Marsl (Israel), Mamnadzada Gunay (Azerbaijan) will play through the CHESS.COM game, and will be held by the Organizing Committee International Chess Federation.Supervise.Twelve chess players are competing. While the peak of intelligence is confronted, they also dedicate a colorful chess carnival for chess fans around the world.

As one of the important activities of the “2022 Women’s International Chess Year” hosted by the International Chess Federation, the world women’s peak match has overcome difficulties, optimized and upgraded on the basis of the first three sessions, and promoted the multi -level level between countries along the “Belt and Road”.Humanistic exchanges in multi -field and channel.

As the “Belt and Road” Shaanxi provincial competition, the National Sports General Administration preferred the key project of civil diplomatic diplomacy and soft power construction in the sports field in the 2022 in the sports field.Through competitions and domestic and foreign media windows, the image of China is displayed, the appearance of Shaanxi, and highlighting the soft power and international influence of the cultural and sports business in Beilin District and even Xi’an.

The competition adopts a single -cycle game system. In two days, 11 rounds of competition are made. The time limit for the game is 10 minutes per side, and each step is 5 seconds.

Restaurant schedule:

The CCTV and China Leisure Sports Station will be broadcast live this competition at that time. The special master Xu Yi and the women’s special master Gu Xiaobing will be the guest of the chess player, and the mystery of the wonderful game will be revealed.

This event is hosted by the State General Administration of Sports and Card Sports Management, China International Chess Association, Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau, Shaanxi Provincial Social Sports Development Center, Xi’an Sports Bureau, Xi’an People’s Government Foreign Affairs Office, Xi’an Beilin District People’s GovernmentThe Shaanxi Provincial Chess Association, the Cultural and Tourism and Sports Bureau of the Beilin District of Xi’an City, the Xi’an Beilin District Education Bureau, the Xi’an Museum, and the Chang’an Road Central Business District Management Committee of Xi’an City, Xi’an Mingyang Cultural Development Co., Ltd.

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