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Serie A Women’s Volleyball Sakidic 3-1 Kkkieri Zhu Ting 17 points for a single MVP


Zhu Ting won a single MVP

In the early morning of November 21, Beijing time, the eighth round of the 2022-2023 Season A Women’s Volleyball League regular season ended. Zhu Ting joined Sikadic to defeat Kiery 3-1 away in the key contest, and strived to rise to 19 points after the 6th victory of the season to the third, and the score of the four innings was 21-25, 25-20, 25 -21 and 25-23. Zhu Ting, the main topic of Zhu Ting, won the highest 17 points in the team and won the MVP in this game.

In this campaign, Zhu Ting contributed 17 points in the fourth contest, and 17 points were contributed. Among them, 1 error and 1 of the offensive 34 deduction 16 were stopped, and the success rate was 47%. As the main one -passing player, Zhu Ting took the 37 first pass in this game, with 3 mistakes and 46%in place.

In this game, Sikadic’s main attack Zhu Ting contributed the highest 17 points in this party. The bench received 12 points in Ming Galdi, the bench attacked Soods, scored 10 points, the bench attacked Washington (the United States) and scored 8 points. Britain (Netherlands) and Antrobova (Russia) scored 7 points and 6 points respectively. Giery’s response to Groberna (Belgium) scored 20 points to win the score king. The two mains scored 15 points in both Caset (France) and Verani, and the secondary attack Bartler scored 10 points. (Caucasus)

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  1. It seems that the injury recovers well, come on!

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    canonlybemodifiedonceayear 11月 21, 2022 at 2:22 上午

    The previous shortcomings also made progress. The five consecutive hair in the second game played a key role in reversing and unfavorable situation

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    canonlybemodifiedonceayear 11月 21, 2022 at 2:22 上午

    The state is gradually recovering, and the momentum is good, but it still has to be leisurely. After returning to the national teamThe situation will be completely changed. The most suitable role of Wang Yunzheng should be a substitute, that is, the task that Liu Xiaotong should be responsible for it before. It is difficult for the main force.

  4. Continue to cheer!Other locations must continue to be strong!Chong Duck!Washington also replaced the main attack?

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