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Serie A reminds: Florence’s defensive vulnerability has 4 consecutive games and there are goals.




1. Jevic, Bonavitra, and Arthur have 9 goals in total, which is the key figure for grabbing points;

2. The team has remained unbeaten in the last 8 games and has 6 victory. The state is good;

3. The number of corner goals in the team in the past 3 games can occupy an advantage, and the corner kick has a strong capacity;

4. The team’s offensive end performance is remarkable. Nearly 10 home games scored goals.


1. Florence has not tried to win in the face of Sonsoro nearly five times, and is psychologically underwind;

2. The team’s recent defensive performance is not satisfactory. In the last 4 games, they have lost goals.



1. David, Pinemormi, Bali Di contributed 9 goals and shoulder the heavy responsibility of scoring;

2. The team’s kick -kick style is actively aggressive. In the past 6 games, 4 games have a total of more than 2 goals;

3. The team has remained unbeaten in the face of Florence 5 times and has a psychological advantage.


1. Sonsoro is not ideal in the near future. The team has a goal record for each game in the past 4 games;

2. The team’s away data capacity is weak, and the data of nearly 5 aways lose data;

3. The performance of the team’s away offensive end is not outstanding. In the past 5 away games, there were 3 games.


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