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Serie A reminds: Doujia averaged more than 2 firepower leagues.




1. Home: In the past 5 home competitions, 4 games have won 4 games. At present, the home combat effectiveness has improved significantly;

2. Defense: In the past 5 home competitions, 4 games have maintained zero seal. At present, the home defense capabilities have been greatly improved;

3. Players: The striker Augusto continued to score the goal in the last round of the league. At present, it is the number one shooter in the team.

4. Status: The last round of the league tied Florence. Before, he was greatly victorious. The current competitive state has improved significantly.


1. Power: As a promotion horse team, the loss rate has been close to 60 % since the season, and the overall strength is weak;

2. His injury: The back waist Nicoloovra is currently injured, and this campaign has become doubtful;

3. Adversity: In the 8 games that lost go behind this season, there was no victory and lack of ability to reverse.

Inter Milan


1. Power: In the past, three consecutive consecutive were championships. It was the Serie A champion of the 20/21 season, with strong strength;

2. Warfare: Temporarily ranked fourth. In order to keep the Champions League seat, the desire to win is very strong;

3. Status: Liek Naples in the last round, the league has won 3 consecutive victories, and various events have been undefeated for 8 consecutive games. At present, the competitive state is at its peak;

4. Defensive: Counting the warm -up competition has maintained zero seal for 3 consecutive games, and the defense quality has improved greatly compared to the early stage;

5. Attack: The total of 35 goals has been scored since the season, and the average goals have more than 2 goals per game.

6. Trend: In the past 8 games, there are 6 games that can run out of data smoothly. At present, the overall trend is good;

7, away: counting the warm -up match for 5 consecutive away games to remain unbeaten.


1. Passing: This season, there are only 3.8 successful places this season.

2. His injury: The back waist Brozovic and the left -back Dalbert are currently injured. The battle is suspicious.


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