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Sentinel championship second Morichuan leads 2 shot of Schiffler No. 2 Spees 4

On January 7, Beijing time, Colin Morikawa did not swallow babies the next day. At the Caparwa Plant Pymons, it won the individual leading lead early in the morning. Finally, 66 shots were surrendered on Friday.2 shots in the championship.

The first nine caves in Colin-Morikawa caught 4 birds, and the latter nine caves caught 3 birds. The two rounds of scores were 130 (64-66), and 16 were lower than the standard pole.

The two Grand Slam champions did not win a game last year, and the world ranking has fallen a lot. However, because the sentry championship is allowed to participate in the top 30 players in the Federal Express Cup this year, they have won the qualifications.

64 shots yesterday, Colin Morikawa won the lead. Today, 5 holes in the house caught 4 birds, of which the number 1 was pushed into a long push of nearly 20 feet, but the other three birds did not exceed 10foot.

After the transfer, Colin Senchuan pushed into 30 feet on the 10th hole and pushed the bird again. The 14th hole was pushed in the Gusing sand pit.

After a year of relative low valley last year, Colin Morikawa said that the seasons have worked in all aspects, including push rods and short rods.He even asked the opinions of other golfers for this, and he found the coach Stephen Sweeney for help.Colin Morikawa has scored more than 1 shot on the green on the next day, and this round is +1.909.

The American Masters Champion Scott Sherler caught 4 birds in the last four holes-all within 8 feet-66 shots were scored the next day, 132 shots in two rounds, lower than the standard pole pole14 shots, J.J.Sip (J.J. Spaun, 68) is located in the second place.If he gets two people tied for third this week, he can surpass McLouri and return to the world’s first place.

Jordan Sipi won the Eagle twice today-No. 5 Cave No. 5 Reton No. 7 Iron was precisely sent from 191 yards to 16 inches from the entrance of the hole, pushing 8 feet of push poles on No. 15With 133 (67-66), it is lower than the standard rod 13, and it is fourth alone.

South Korean player Kim Juenheng scored 69 shots and lags one more, ranking fifth.

Joan Ram won the runner-up twice in Caparuva. He scored 64 shots yesterday and was located in the leading position. Today, two holes in the house swallowed the cypress, and swallowed the cypress again in the penultimate hole.The wheel 135 (64-71), lower than the standard rod 11, slipped to the sixth place.

Xander Schauffle, the sixth place in the world, announced the eighth hole in the second round after a waist injury.

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