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Sentinel champion Sairam 64 starts to lead the lead, hoping that there will be no regrets this time


Ram’s first round score card

On January 6, Beijing time, Joan Ram has began to get used to the low rods of the Caparuva Plant Stadium.He only hopes that such a start can help him get a better rank in the sentry championship.

A year ago, he played 33 yuan below the standard pole and still ranked second.On Thursday, the Spaniards caught 3 birds in the last 4 holes, scored 64 shots, 9 shots below the standard pole, and Colin-Senchuan and J.J.J.J. Spaun is in a leading position and opened a good start for 2023.

Cameron Smith played a scarlet record of the US tour last year: 34 below the standard pole, winning a week in almost no wind.Whether there will be more records on the number of rods this week are broken, mainly depending on the situation of the letter.On Thursday, Xinfeng seemed to go to vacation like most tourists from Maowei Island.

As for whether Caparuwa owes Joan Ram a victory, the Spaniards disagree.

“Many golf courses are not like this,” Joan Ram said, “I didn’t say much about this. I played -33, but I was defeated by -34.Both of them played a good golf. It was a great battle. I hope we can reach that one more, and in the end, I hope that I will lead 1 shot to win. “

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