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Senchuan’s leading sentry championship 6 shots collapsed in the past

On January 8th, Beijing time, in the third round of the sentry championship, Colin Morikawa started to score in the fifth hole. The hole was pushed into the 12-foot eagle push, and then pushed into a very difficult 20-foot push in the next hole to push it.Catch the bird.He was right for almost everything, and he was very wrong.

The turning point appeared early in the morning.Cave 5, Colin Morikawa and Scott Sherle both shot the eagle. At that time, the gap was still 2.Colin-Morikawa caught a bird in the No. 6 hole, while Scott Sherle played from a fluffy ball from the long grass. As a result, there was no mountain. Then he pushed the ball with three pushes to push the ball intoIn the cave.The gap suddenly turned into 4 shots.For one day, no one can narrow the gap to within 3.

In the history of the US Tour, only 7 players lost 6 lead in the last round. The last time was the 2017 HSBC Championship.

When asked when to get such a big lead last time, Colin Morikawa laughed and mentioned the Hero World Challenge at the end of 2021.At that time, he led 5 shots, scored 76 shots, and slipped to the fifth place.

“No problem,” he said, “I have already survived.”

The weather forecast shows that the last round of wind is very light. Colin-Morikawa expects the players behind them will target the flagpole and try to catch up with him.

According to J.J.In the second round, Suba observed Corinthona.That may not be enough.

“His push rod is really good. He did not make a mistake,” J.J.”This is a combination that is difficult to defeat.”

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