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Selection of Da Lotto Intelligent Recommendation: Zhang Hengshang exceeds 50 million and 4+1


On December 10th (Saturday), Beijing time, Big Lotto will usher in the 22141th.In the prediction of the last issue, Zhang Heng, a smart hero Zhang Heng, took over 10 million Zhongda Lotto 4+1, Xu Fu and Galileo caught over 20 million Middle Great Lotto 4+2, Bai Yutang took over 40 million, 4+1, and quickly watchedIntersection[Web version recharge up to 1188!]

★★★★ Sina Lottery Intelligent Forecast ★★★★

[The latest Lottery Smart Forecast Selection]

Intelligent hero Zhang Heng: In the previous period, the Great Lotto 4+1! 139 Issue 139 Grand Lotto was 11.44 million, and the digital color forecast won the prize of more than 50 million. Pay attention to the latest big music solution![Unlock smart solutions]

Intelligent hero Xu Fu: Later Lotto 4+2 took 170,000!Zeng captured Da Lotto Ten Men!Digital lottery capture exceeds 20 million!Look at the latest plan![Unlock smart solutions]

Smart hero Galileo: Da Lotto 4+2 took 170,000!Digital color forecasts have been captured 24.66 million![Unlock smart solutions]

Smart hero Bai Yutang: Digital color forecast has been 46.79 million!Last issue 4+1!Continue to impact![Unlock smart solutions]

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