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Selected two -color ball intelligent recommendation: Hero Da Vinci has won over 30 million, 5+1


On January 15th (Sunday), Beijing time, today’s Fucai two -color ball ushered in the 23007th lottery.In the prediction of the last issue, the smart hero Da Vinci hit the two -color ball 5+1, the single -out of the blue ball, No.1 Lanling King’s cumulative won 55.56 million, 4+1, Zhang Daoling 5+1, welcome to watch![Web version recharge up to 1188!]

★★★★ Sina Lottery Intelligent Forecast ★★★★

[Selection of Smart Forecast of Double Color Ball today]

Smart Hero Da Vinci: Da Vinci 5+1!Single -up blue ball 05!The forecast has been captured 36.18 million!The latest solution for double color balls![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent hero Zhong Wuyan: Two middle schools and two -color balls 1!55.21 million in the 2nd list!5+1 in the last period!The latest forecast![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent Hero Lanling King: First List!In the last period, the double -color ball 4+1!The prediction has been captured 55.55 million!The latest recommendation of the two -color ball![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent hero Zhang Daoling: 5+1 in the previous period!Digital color forecasts have been captured 26.07 million!Follow the latest plan tonight![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Gongsun Ce: 5+1 in the last issue!Forecasts have exceeded 10 million!Double color ball 23007 Recommended [Unlock Smart Forecast]

The 4th of the total list is 5+1 and 5 red!Digital color forecasts have been captured 53.12 million!Look at the plan [Unlock smart forecast]

[Today’s Fucai 3D Smart Selection]

Smart Hero Moon Lao: 3D for 3 consecutive predictions 3D!Forecast 44.99 million![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent hero Zhang Heng: 3D for 3 consecutive periods, China Fucai 3D!Digital lottery forecasts exceed 20 million![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart Hero Ji Xiaolan: Three consecutive period predictions 3D!Forecasting 26.01 million prizes![Unlock smart forecast]

[Selected three intelligent selection today]

Intelligent hero Chang’e: 5 times in the last 8 issues![Unlock smart forecast]

Scan the two -dimensional code download [small cannon app] below to see more lottery experts, smart heroes recommended by more than 10 million giant prizes, as well as drawing live broadcasts, chart data, etc., which are all available!

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