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Selected two -color ball experts: 1,1.07 million Mo Chenfeng in Sea Plasses captured 5 reds in a row


On November 22 (Tuesday), Beijing time, Fucai’s two -color ball ushered in the 22134th lottery, and this was also the 10th issue of the 1.2 billion major award. In the prediction of the last issue, the two -color ball in the seagrass took 11.07 million, Mo Chenfeng took over 60 million consecutive periods of 5 red, Liu Jingmingzhong 730,000, etc. In terms of intelligent prediction, Zhang Hengzhong 5+1 captured over 4,000 4,000 Wan, there are many heroes 5+1, welcome to watch! [Web version recharge up to 1188! ]

★★★★ Industry authoritative lottery experts ★★★★

[Selected two -color ball experts today]

Seago: The first prize of the prediction of the prediction was 11.07 million yuan, and the cumulative digital color prize was 40.44 million! In the last issue of the red ball, 6 yards were accurate, one yard of the leading 05+0 road large blue ball assisted capture award. In this issue, it is optimistic about the double -two combination of the red ball. [View today recommendation]

Mo Chenfeng: Mo Chenfeng is the chief expert of the platform digital lottery. Two consecutive periods predicted that the double -color balls are 5 red, and the status is obvious. Tonight the two -color ball 1.2 billion faction award continues. The first expert will bring you the latest plan to help you fight the award. Let us look forward to the more awards! [View today recommendation]

Liu Jingming: The second prize in the previous forecast was 730,000, and the recent cumulative winning prize was 11.96 million.

Zhang Qiang: 5+1 in the two consecutive periods of prediction, the red ball killing number continuously accurate, the prediction of 10.8 million yuan in the early stage [View today’s recommendation]

Brother Zeng: The prediction of the prediction of 5+1, the prediction of the two -second prize of the two -color ball Lotto in the early stage is 47.83 million [View Recommended Today]

Brother Qian: 5 red in the last issue, impacting 1.2 billion prizes! 3 Mid -color balls 1 and other prizes! It has been captured 25.59 million [View today’s recommendation]

Zhang Meng: 5+1 in the previous forecast, 3 consecutive issues in the blue ball in a consecutive period, and 22.86 million in the early prediction in the prediction [View Recommendation today]

Yixuan: 5+1, 322 in the previous period of 4+1, 131 in the 131 period, and 19.4 million yuan [View today’s recommendation]

[Today’s Fucai 3D Expert Selection]

Color Fish Fucai 3D: Four in the last 5th issue of the prize 4 times, the prediction of the last issue of the selection [View today’s recommendation]

Yang Guangfu 3D: The last 4th issue of the prediction of the prize 3 times.

[Selected three experts today]

Little Bawang Arrangement 3: 3 consecutive periods to predict the direct selection. Pay attention to the two puppets and one strange combination in this issue. [View today’s recommendation]

Black Swan Arrangement 3: In the previous issue, a single bet to predict the selection! The last 5th issue of prediction won 4 prizes [View today’s recommendation]

Zhuangde ranked 3: The last 5 periods were predicted to win 4 times.

★★★★ Sina Lottery Intelligent Forecast ★★★★

[Today’s two -color ball intelligent prediction selection]

Smart hero Zhang Heng: In the last issue, two -color ball 5+1 took 120,000! Digital color forecasts have been captured 40.3 million! [Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Lu Buwei: 5+1 in the last issue! Digital color forecasts have been captured 16.88 million! [Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent hero Shennong: prediction in the two -color ball 5+1! Digital color forecasts have been captured 13.84 million! [Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Zhang Zhao: 5+1 in the last issue! Digital lottery forecasts are over 10 million! [Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Jigong: 4+1 in the second phase of the second phase! Digital color forecasts have been captured 29.93 million! [Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Yueyue: 4+1 in the second phase of the second phase! Single -headed red ball faucet and blue ball 14! [Unlock smart forecast]

[Selected three intelligent predictions today]

Intelligent hero Zheng He: Forecast arranges 3 of nearly 6 [Unlock Smart Forecast]

Smart hero Mu Hong: Forecast arranged 3 of nearly 4 3 [Unlock smart forecast]

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