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Selected Lotto Experts: Sheng Nine Days won over 10 million second -class class 690,000!


On December 10th (Saturday), Beijing time, Big Lotto will usher in the 22141th.During the prediction of the last issue, the experts won the nine days to win more than 10 million and the second prize of 690,000.In terms of intelligent forecasting, Zhang Heng attacked 4+1 in the 10 million Middle Great Lottery, Xu Fu and Gali were over 20 million Zhongda Lotto 4+2, Bai Yutang took over 40 million and 4+1, and quickly watch![Web version recharge up to 1188!]

★★★★ Industry authoritative lottery experts ★★★★

[Selection of the Latest Lotto Experts]

Sheng Jiu Tian: This year, I hit 10.72 million Lotto, and the second class of Lotto seized 690,000 in the last issue. It is predicted that the Great Lotto has won 12.86 million yuan!Good at the analysis of omissions and hot numbers, and continue to impact the award tonight![View today recommendation]

Manchurian: I have previously predicted that I hit the two prizes of Twenty -one Da Lotto, predicting the 3rd betta Lotto II, and predicting that the Dalo prize was 23.75 million yuan!As an expert in big music, the second master of the second grandfather was 4+2 in the previous forecast, and continued to impact![View today recommendation]

Abao: In the previous prediction, the third prize of the Great Lotto was 170,000, and the prediction of the first and second prizes of the Dato Two -color ball was 11.63 million![View today recommendation]

Liu Yuan: In the previous forecast, the Great Lotto 4+2, the recent prediction of the first class of the first +4 medium to win 9.24 million.[View today recommendation]

Feng Huohuo: The last forecast of China Lotto 4+1, the recent predictions have won 27.77 million in 7 times![View today recommendation]

Zhang Meng: In the previous period, the Lotto 4+1 was predicted in the previous period.[View today recommendation]

Easy to get: The last forecast of the Lotto 4+1, the first and second prizes of the two -color ball in the prediction of the previous forecast won a total of 21.16 million yuan![View today recommendation]

Gao Yue: In the prediction of the last forecast, the Lotto 4+1, the prediction of the first and second prizes of the Dato Polytoma double -color ball won a total of 14.19 million yuan![View today recommendation]

[Today’s Fucai 3D Expert Selection]

Yang Guang: The last 5th issue of the forecast winning the prize 3D4 times. Pay attention to the 1 -way number in this issue![View today recommendation]

Sister Xia: The last 5th period forecast is 3D4, and two consecutive periods of prediction winning![View today recommendation]

Congratulations!Lao Liang Fucai 3D: In the previous issue, a single bet to predict the selection![View today recommendation]

[Selected three experts today]

Congratulations!Lao Liang Arrangement 3: In the previous issue, a single bet was predicted to hit the direct selection 620![View today recommendation]

Jiang Hua: In the 4th consecutive period, three consecutive periods are arranged, and 5 consecutive consecutive China![View today recommendation]

Jiang Shan: Three consecutive periods of predictions are arranged in three consecutive periods.[View today recommendation]

★★★★ Sina Lottery Intelligent Forecast ★★★★

[The latest Lottery Smart Forecast Selection]

Intelligent hero Zhang Heng: In the previous period, the Great Lotto 4+1! 139 Issue 139 Grand Lotto was 11.44 million, and the digital color forecast won the prize of more than 50 million. Pay attention to the latest big music solution![Unlock smart solutions]

Intelligent hero Xu Fu: Later Lotto 4+2 took 170,000!Zeng captured Da Lotto Ten Men!Digital lottery capture exceeds 20 million!Look at the latest plan![Unlock smart solutions]

Smart hero Galileo: Da Lotto 4+2 took 170,000!Digital color forecasts have been captured 24.66 million![Unlock smart solutions]

Smart hero Bai Yutang: Digital color forecast has been 46.79 million!Last issue 4+1!Continue to impact![Unlock smart solutions]

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