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Selected football experts: Thor’s 10 -consecutive red, near 20 heroes, 8 times earning 8 times

Beijing time on December 25th (Sunday), today the ball gameplay can be used to choose 4 soil super+1 game. At the same time, 27 games on Monday are currently on sale. The Premier League is the first to return.EssenceYesterday predicted that Thor also took 10 consecutive reds in Middle -earth Super Stable, Avon 6 consecutive Red Premier League nearly 12 of 11, Dragon Ball pushing the ball football 6 consecutive red basket color of nearly 17. In terms of intelligent forecast, Hero Dianwei 1613 profit of more than 8 times, 5 times of 8 of nearly 9 of Bai Qi![Web version recharge up to 1188!]

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[Selected by experts today]

Thunder: Yesterday, I won the Tuyou Sports and won the game.Today, Thor’s fire power is full, and the focus of attacking the British Premier League will be played. It has been in many games such as the British Champions League, and you are locked in advance![View today recommendation]

Awen: Yesterday, I hit the Australian Super League in the early Sydney FC to make a negative, and the lottery forecast was stable 6 consecutive reds.It is worth noting that the Awen Premier League prediction forecast nearly 12 in the 11th Super League. At present, Tomorrow Tottenham+Southampton+Arsenal is recommended. It is worthy of attention![View today recommendation]

Lanqiuku: Football prediction in the 7th ranking in the second place, the second place in the red list, and the Premier League will restart for tomorrow. The latest recommendation should not be missed![View today recommendation]

Dragon Ball Push: Football 6 consecutive red+basket color 17 in 16!Recently, the state is hot, Mo lost with a single opportunity![View today recommendation]

Jin Hongkan: Yesterday 4 games were recommended to the ball, and the football forecast was stable 6 consecutive red!Pay attention to Sunday with super+Tuchao selection plan![View today recommendation]

Early profit: yesterday captured the Australian Super Sydney FC to give up the negative+Su Super Hibnien to win the game!5 Lianhong experts interpret Konia Sports vs Alania Sports![View today recommendation]

[Selection of today’s Basketball Expert]

Dragon Ball pushing the ball: Yesterday, NBA4 hit 3 games, and it was a regret that 17 consecutive reds were missing. Nevertheless, Dragon Basketball Recommended still had nearly 16 of 17, and the state was hot!Tomorrow NBA ushered in Christmas war. Dragon Ball has given Lakers VS Lone Ranger+Grizzlies VS Warriors for two interpretations.[View today recommendation]

Take Binbin: Basketball forecast 4 consecutive reds![View today recommendation]

Red single monster: predicting basketball 4 consecutive red [View today’s recommendation]

Ghost hand: predicting basketball 4 consecutive red [View recommended today]

Lu Qin: Forecast basketball 4 consecutive red [View recommended today]

[Selected by Football Lottery Experts]

The 22150th issue of the footcai will be discontinued at 20:00 on December 26. Please pay attention to the lottery!

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[Selection of Smart Forecast today]

Intelligent Hero Dian Wei: Football predictions have earned more than 8 times that of 13 of 16, and today brought 4 soil super+1 game to interpret it with super race, impacting higher profitability![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Bai Qi: Football prediction nearly 9 of them has nearly 5 times.It is worth noting that Bai Qi exceeds 3 consecutive reds, predicts that Demil Sports VS Karakluk![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Dong Ping: Football prediction 4 red!Tuchao forecast for nearly 15 of 11![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Khan: Football prediction 4 consecutive red profit of 350%![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Zhang Qing: Football prediction 4 consecutive red net profit 329%![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent single game prediction Beccatas Sai Guo 10:

Intelligent single -site forecast Galatasarece 10 Mad 8: Galatasare vs Istanbul State

[Selection of Basic Smart Forecast today]

Intelligent hero Yuwen Chengdu: Yesterday captured the NBA Melbourne Phoenix score, basketball predicted 7 consecutive red profit of more than 6 times, today interpreted the NBA Christmas war, Bucks VS Celtics, 76ers VS Knicks![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Li Yuanba: Basketball prediction nearly 8 of 8 times earning 11 times, NBA Christmas war forecast: Buck VS Celtics, worthy of continuing attention![Unlock smart forecast]

[Selection of Football Lottery Smart Forecast]

The 22150th issue of the footcai will be discontinued at 20:00 on December 26. Please pay attention to the lottery!

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