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Selected football experts: Qiyuan 8 -consecutive Red Capture Guan Gai’s profit is 6 times profitable

On January 16th (Monday), Beijing time, all 7 games of the game have been on sale today, so that there are many games to choose from.Experts predict the record, Qiyuan 8 consecutive reds capture the string, Ning Caichen competes for 9 consecutive reds, Akimids take 9 consecutive reds, and Cai Shentong is stable 7 consecutive reds; in terms of intelligent prediction, covering the football of 12 of 11The profit is over 6 times, the Ruan Xiaosiqi 6 consecutive red meaning A 3, Jiang Wei’s 6 consecutive red profit of 3 times, welcome to watch![Web version recharge up to 1188!]

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[Selected by experts today]

Qiyuan: The status is good, the football harvested 8 consecutive reds, and the recent section of the string of levels.[View recommendation today]

Ning Caichen: Yesterday, 4 full reds were predicted.[View recommendation today]

Archimedes: Together with the red 9 consecutive red, the state is hot, it is worthy of attention![View recommendation today]

More even red experts: Caishen Tong 7 consecutive red [View today’s recommendation], veteran push ball 6 consecutive red [View today recommendation], Zhang Ran 6 consecutive red [View today’s recommendation], Daobei Watch the ball 5 consecutive red [View today’s recommendation today], Wang Yundi 4 consecutive red [View today’s recommendation], Old Thieves 4 consecutive red [View today recommendation]

[Selection of today’s Basketball Expert]

Wang Zijian: Today’s prediction of magic to win the defeat, and to gain a wave of 6 consecutive reds!The latest plan has been issued today, predicting the Rockets VS Lakers![View recommendation today]

Take Binbin: Predicate that the NBA is stable 3 consecutive red.[View recommendation today]

Ma Rui: It is predicted that the NBA is stable 3 consecutive red.[View recommendation today]

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[Selection of Smart Forecast today]

Intelligent heroes: Football prediction nearly 11 of 12, comprehensive profit exceeding 6 times![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Ruan Xiaoqi: Football prediction is stable 6 consecutive reds, comprehensive profit exceeding 3 times!Prediction of Serie A 3 consecutive red![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Jiang Wei: 6 consecutive reds of football predictions, 332%profitability![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Fan Lihua: 6 consecutive reds of football prediction![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent single game predicts La Liga Fruit 10 Mad 9: Add Si VS Elche

[Selection of Basic Smart Forecast today]

Intelligent hero Xia Houyuan: Prediction of 7 consecutive basketball red!Come and follow [View today recommendation]

Smart hero Xiang Yu: It is predicted that 10 in the nearly 11 profit of basketball exceeds 7 times![View recommendation today]

Smart Hero Sun Quan: Prediction to predict basketball 6 consecutive red![View recommendation today]

Smart Hero Cao Ren: Parenting basketball 6 consecutive red![View recommendation today]

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