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Selected football experts: Premier League Master 3 Phase 3. 2.08 million Tang Bowen 15 consecutive reds

On December 30th (Friday), Beijing time, today’s competitions have sold 23 games, including La Liga, Premier League, English Champions and other events.In the prediction of the experts, the Premier League master will be in the first place+55 injection!Three consecutive periods of football lottery, two jackpot prizes and Ren Jiu Grand Slam, 3 Phase 3 to win a prize of 2.08 million!Tang Bowenhao took 15 consecutive reds!Haozi commented on the ball with 14 games and 5 games yesterday!In terms of intelligent prediction, the 4th hero Liang Hongyu of the Football List was the first grade first, and Sun Ying and Cheng Bingjin were 290,000 in the two consecutive periods of two consecutive periods.]

★★★★ Industry authoritative lottery experts ★★★★

[Selected by Football Lottery Experts]

Premier League master: As an expert who is good at the Premier League and other British matches, the Premier League Masters have performed the wonderful and wonderful show in the recent football lottery forecast!In the previous period, Football Lottery Grand Slam first -class +17 betting second -class+55 bets beyond nine!Issue 150 also won 1.83 million Grand Slam awards!In addition, the second prize of the second prize of the 18th bet is 230,000 yuan, and the three consecutive period captures the color Doppler ultrasound of 2.08 million yuan!Tonight, the Premier League occupies half of the mountains, and the Premier League master will perform a miracle again![View today recommendation]

Nanmu: The recent state is explosive!In the previous period, the first prize of the football lottery +17 betting 2 equal+55 bets for nine, the 150th foot color hit the second and 10 bets of the nine picks of 83,000 yuan, the 149th foot lottery hit the second and 10th nineThree consecutive Football Lottery won more than 170,000 yuan!Look at Nan Mu Da Shen’s football lottery plan tonight![View today recommendation]

Lao Dao watching the ball: In the last forecast, the first -class +17 bet 2 class+55 bets are nine!Lao Dao’s two days before watching the ball, the red miracle of the color of the ball is still vivid, and now I won the Football Lottery Award, and the strength is superb. Come and pay attention to the plan tonight![View today recommendation]

Qiyuan: In the previous period, I hit the first class +16 betting 2 -class+Ren Jiu, 150th in the last 2 betting the second class of the second class+10 in the nine to win 83,000 yuan, and the 2nd football lottery won 95,000!Precise analysis of your red list tonight![View today recommendation]

[Selected by experts today]

Tang Bowen: Yesterday, it was predicted that the second series of law was in the Western A method, and the Nice was undefeated at home. Football predicted 15 consecutive reds. Today, I will hit 2 La Liga today and take you a red list![View today recommendation]

Haozi commented on the ball: Yesterday, it was predicted that there were 5 games in a row, and the red field came to 14 consecutive red!Today, I will send Western Armor to stabilize, and quickly keep up with the red steps![View today recommendation]

Uncle Qiang taught: Yesterday, she hit Betis Pacific and Palekalekano. She also won Marseille to win. The profit was quite good. It was steady and won 14 consecutive reds.[View today recommendation]

Zhang Chi: He achieved the best achievement of 12 consecutive reds with one single stable 3 string 1, and send two single string levels today. Do not miss it [see today recommendation]

[Selection of today’s Basketball Expert]

WINNER Ball Saint: Yesterday, I predicted 4 NBAs in the size of the NBA, and the prediction of the basketball lottery reached 8 consecutive reds!Come and follow [View today recommendation]

Vietnam Basket Essence: Today, the Celtics are in the prediction, the prediction of the basket color 4 consecutive red, the hot state is worth keeping up with [View today’s recommendation]

★★★★ Sina Lottery Intelligent Forecast ★★★★

[Selection of Football Lottery Smart Forecast]

Smart hero Liang Hongyu: Football Lottery’s total prize money is 4th, and 24.24 million has been won!In the last five -stage program, all the first prizes were hit. The 1728 yuan plan was the first -class, and the return was super high!Many bile in this issue help Friday Football Lottery!Look at Liang Hongyu to take you tonight![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Sun Yan: 56 bets in the 150th forecast!In the last issue, he was in office for nine, and the prize of winning the second issue of over 290,000!The plan tonight must not be missed![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent hero Cheng Bite Gold: 150 Issue Forecasting 56 Nine Injects!In the last issue, he was in the middle of nine, and even won more than 290,000 prizes in the two issues!Continue to the small singing award tonight![Unlock smart forecast]

[Selection of Smart Forecast today]

Intelligent hero Guo Ziyi: Yesterday’s 5 British games were all red, and football forecasts won a wave of 8 consecutive red profit of more than 5 times!Pay attention to today’s plan impact![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart Hero Captain: Football Forecast 7 times of red profitability nearly 4 times!Pay attention to the stable tonight![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent single game predicts the Premier League 10 consecutive red: [West Ham United VS Brent Ford] [Liverpool VS Leicester City]

[Selection of Basic Smart Forecast today]

Intelligent hero Zhuge Liang: Forecast Basketball 8 consecutive red explosion 8 times, follow the latest solution [Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent hero Huaxiong: Predicted basket lottery 8 times of red profit exceeding 7 times![Unlock smart forecast]

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