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Selected football expert: Wang Yundi 6 consecutive red lotus B super standard intelligent forecast 7 consecutive Chinese

On November 19th (Saturday), Beijing time, all 16 games of the lottery have been launched today, including British A, Nuo Chao, and Dutch B. In terms of record, the expert Wang Yundi 6 consecutive Honghe B was nearly 10 of 10, and the golden fingers 6 consecutive red hit British A lotus B. In terms of intelligent predictions, the heroes are ugly 7 consecutive reds. Among the 3 consecutive French Cups, the red children have a 7 -year red profit of more than 5 times! [Web version recharge up to 1188! ]

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[Selected by experts today]

Wang Yundi: As a platform star expert, Wang Yundi has hit 2,257 red orders in total, so it has been trusted by fans. At present, he has a forecast of nearly 10 of 10 of them. Today, it brings a single British A+Dutch B. The World Cup is approaching. Teacher Yundi has adjusted the state to lead everyone to impact the red list! [View today recommendation]

Golden finger: 6 consecutive redness, today brought British A+Dutch 2 string 1 recommendation. The thinking is quite clear. [View today recommendation]

Xiong Xiong said the ball: Take 6 consecutive reds with each other. Today, two orders are brought, one single British A 3 string 1, one single lotte 3 series 1, do not miss it, 12 reds may come! [View today recommendation]

Haruko: The recent state is quite good, and 9 consecutive reds are the top of the red list. Tomorrow is the World Cup unveiling battle. Haruko has been prepared. Qatar VS Ecuador’s recommendation has been released. [View today recommendation]

Red Single Monster: Recently, 8 consecutive reds are harvested. At present, the Red Single Monster has aimed at the World Cup. It has given three games, including the unveiling battle, which is worthy of attention! [View today recommendation]

[Selection of today’s Basketball Expert]

Zhou Tong Jieqiu: Yesterday, I hit the Warriors to win+the Cavaliers winning 2 string 1, harvesting personal basketball forecast 7 consecutive reds. Today, Zhou Tong Jieqiu hit the iron while it was hot, bringing a single jazz VS Blazers+Spurs VS Clippers to make 2 string 1 recommendation, sword finger 9 consecutive red! [View today recommendation]

Ruichuan Basketball: Yesterday, I won the Wizards+Jazz Winning Drivers, and raised the personal basketball lottery to 6 games. I look forward to the better play today! [View today recommendation]

[Selected by Football Lottery Experts]

The next issue will be discontinued on November 21 (Monday), so stay tuned!

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[Selection of Smart Forecast today]

Intelligent hero Wen Chou: Football prediction 7 times of red profit is more than 6 times. It is worth noting that the French Cup forecast for the French Cup is nearly 3 of 3, which brings Episer VS Mess+Bolgs 18VS Saint -Paixi prediction. stay tuned! [Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent hero red children: 7 consecutive red returns exceeded 5 times. On the actual combat plan, the Red Boy attaches importance to the Kelly Index, and also refer to the history of the history of compensation and fundamentals. After comprehensive analysis, the results are given. Today, the focus is on the French Cup! [Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent hero Pang Tong: 6 consecutive red net profit is more than 3 times. Today, it brings 2 British A -A -Lords interpretations. It is worth noting that Pang Tong’s previous football lottery predictions were fascinated by 56 bets. [Unlock smart forecast]

[Selection of Basic Smart Forecast today]

Intelligent hero Wang Zhaojun: Yesterday, the Pacers+Lakers won the game. Currently, basketball forecasts for 5 consecutive reds to gain 4 times the return. Continue to attack today, and first launched a Western Basketball Union forecast, and there are more exciting followers! [Unlock smart forecast]

[Selection of Football Lottery Smart Forecast]

The next issue will be discontinued on November 21 (Monday), so stay tuned!

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