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Selected football expert: Seven Brother 9 Lian Hong Jiawei World Cup with 9 games with red

On November 24th (Thursday), Beijing time, 2022 Qatar World Cup is fighting! Experts predict the record, seven brothers have harvested 9 consecutive reds, Jiawei World Cup 9 games, 6 consecutive red -solving balls, and 6 consecutive brothers 6 consecutive reds. In terms of intelligent prediction, Xia Houzheng 9 consecutive red profits exceed 5 times, Mu Mu Mu, Mu Mu Mu, Mu Mu Mu, Mu Mu Gui Ying’s 7 consecutive reds, Li Yuanfang captured Belgian Spain in 5 games in a row, watching it quickly! [Web version recharge up to 1188! ]

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[Selected by experts today]

Seventh Brother: Football forecast 9 consecutive reds. Yesterday, she hit Croatia, Germany, and Belgium. Today, I issued two stabilization again today. Uruguay VS South Korea and Brazil VS Serbia, full of confidence! [View today recommendation]

Jiawei: The World Cup is 9 consecutive reds. In the 4 games yesterday, there were no fear of upset! What are the results of 4 games today? Look at Jiawei’s precise interpretation! [View today recommendation]

Green Gan Jieqiu: 6 consecutive reds of football forecasts, yesterday hit Croatia, Spain, Belgium, and successfully avoided Germany’s cold! [View today recommendation]

Three Brother Jieqiu: Football Forecast 6 consecutive red [View recommended today]

Footprint Wang Tao: Football prediction 6 consecutive red [View today’s recommendation]

KOP Owen: Football prediction 6 consecutive red [View today recommendation]

[Selection of today’s Basketball Expert]

Ma Rui: Basic prediction harvested 9 consecutive red states, and precisely hit the Warriors to let the split fruit! [View today recommendation]

Xiandao: Forecast basket lottery 5 consecutive red! [View today recommendation]

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Football Lottery will be discontinued at 20:30 on November 25th. Please look forward to it!

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Smart hero Xia Houyi: Football prediction 9 consecutive reds, comprehensive profit exceeding 5 times, all four games of the World Cup today are recommended! [Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Mu Guiying: Football prediction 7 consecutive reds, forecasting today’s World Cup! [Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Li Yuanfang: Football forecast 5 consecutive reds, predict today’s World Cup! [Unlock smart forecast]

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Smart Hero Sun Ce: Forecast basketball 6 consecutive red [Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent Hero Zha Zhao: Prediction of Basketball 6 Contents [Unlock Smart Forecast]

Intelligent hero Panda: Prediction Basketball 5 consecutive red [Unlock Smart Forecast]

[Selection of Football Lottery Smart Forecast]

Football Lottery will be discontinued at 20:30 on November 25th. Please look forward to it!

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