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Selected football expert: Murong said the ball predicted 7 consecutive red Wang brother 6 consecutive red


On November 23 (Wednesday), Beijing time, 2022 Qatar World Cup is fighting! Experts predict the record, Murong said that the ball harvested 7 consecutive reds, Wang Ge 6 consecutive red captures Argentina’s unpopular, Tianya Kanqiu 6 consecutive red scores, captain 6 consecutive red, etc.; , Han Dang 6 consecutive, Fa Zheng 5 reds, watching! [Web version recharge up to 1188! ]

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[Selected by experts today]

Murong said the ball: Football prediction 7 consecutive reds. Yesterday, she hit French VS Australia and Mexico VS Poland. The first interpretation of the first game on Wednesday has been released, Morocco vs Croatia, full of confidence! [View today recommendation]

Wang Ge: Football forecast 6 consecutive reds, 4 consecutive reds of the World Cup, yesterday to capture Argentina’s unpopular! What are the results of 4 games today? Look at the precise interpretation of Wang Wang! [View today recommendation]

Tianya Kanqiu: 6 consecutive reds of football forecasts, 5 games in the World Cup, and hit 2 scores in the World Cup! [View today recommendation]

Captain: Football forecast 6 consecutive red [View today’s recommendation]

Seventh Brother: Football Forecast 6 consecutive red [View Recommended Today]

Viagra watched the ball: Football prediction 6 consecutive red [see today recommendation]

[Selection of today’s Basketball Expert]

Ma Rui: Basic prediction harvested 7 consecutive red states, King VS Grizzlies stabilized! [View today recommendation]

Na said basketball: predicting basketball 6 consecutive reds, yesterday predicted that the Lakers vs of the Suns Royal Points [View Recommended Today]

Xiandao: Forecast basket lottery 5 consecutive red! [View today recommendation]

[Selected by Football Lottery Experts]

Football Lottery will be available at 20 pm on November 23. Please look forward to it!

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Intelligent hero Pang Tong: Football prediction 7 consecutive reds, comprehensive profit exceeding 5 times, today we mainly promoted the World Cup Spain VS Costa Rica [Unlock Smart Forecast]

Smart hero Han Dang: Football prediction 6 consecutive reds, yesterday, Mexico VS Poland, Denmark VS Tunisia! [Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Xiang Yu: 6 consecutive reds of football forecasts, today’s focus on Croatia, Belgium [Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero law: 5 consecutive reds of football prediction, capture Argentine unpopular [unlock smart forecast]

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Smart hero Sun Ce: Forecast basketball 4 consecutive red [Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent hero Guo Ziyi: Forecast basketball 4 consecutive red [Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent Hero Zha Zhao: Forecast Basketball 4 Red [Unlock Smart Forecast]

[Selection of Football Lottery Smart Forecast]

Football Lottery will be available at 20 pm on November 23. Please look forward to it!

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