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Selected football expert: Menier 9 consecutive Red French Lita 13 Heroes Xu Chu 6 Company

On January 2nd (Monday), Beijing time, 10 games in the lottery today have been launched, so that there are more choices for the ball race.In the prediction of experts, Meneer 9 of the Red French Lita 13 was 12, Yi Qiankun was a stable and stable 7 consecutive red, and the Kirk 6 consecutive red consecutive Chinese competition 3 stringed 1; intelligent prediction, the hero Xu Chu 6, the red profitabilityFour times, Lu Bu 5 consecutive red crowns of nearly 5, Zhang Sanfeng 5 consecutive red British B 6 consecutive China![Web version recharge up to 1188!]

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[Selected by experts today]

Meneye: Yesterday, the results burst into fire.It is worth noting that Meneer was in the Australian Super League yesterday. The French Ligue 1 red+nearly 13 of 13, and the Premier League nearly 19 of 16!Today, the Australian Super League In the morning+Premier League Ligue 1 Strings 1 1 string 1 deserves attention![View today recommendation]

Yi Qiankun: Yesterday, I made a steady hit to make the ball with 3 string of 1+ British Premier League 3 string 1, harvesting personal 7 consecutive reds.Today, Yi Qiankun continued to bring 2 strings of 2 strings of 1+ to make the ball 3 strings and 1 combination. The recent stringing rate is good. The latest plan is worthy of attention![View today recommendation]

Kirk: Yesterday, the sparks were captured+Toulz+Chelsea and Ang Hot+Monaco+Greater Paris Single Single 3 strings 1, winning 6 consecutive red records in one fell swoop.Today, Kircock is working hard.[View today recommendation]

Jin Hongkan: Yesterday, the firepower was fully opened, and the 6 -single player scheme stabilized. Nearly 36 recommended hit 28 games, the hit rate is quite good.Jin Hongkan continues to attack the ball today, bringing the interpretation of British Lincoln City VS Ipsvic![View today recommendation]

Awen: Yesterday, 3 skewers of the French L) received 5 consecutive reds. Today, the 4 single lottery scheme has been released.[View today recommendation]

Data master: Yesterday, Langya 2 string 1+British crown 3 string 1 harvested 5 consecutive reds, and the English crown nearly 13 of 10 super![View today recommendation]

[Selection of today’s Basketball Expert]

Cheng Yunxiao: Basai 4 red!Predict the Heat VS Clippers![View today recommendation]

Xia Zu: Basai 3 red!Spoiler Pamper VS Blazers![View today recommendation]

Na said basketball: yesterday captured 2 sizes+1 game for recommendation![View today recommendation]

[Selected by Football Lottery Experts]

Football Lottery will be discontinued on January 3 (Tuesday), so stay tuned!

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[Selection of Smart Forecast today]

Smart hero Xu Chu: Yesterday, French Lixi+Ying Crown+British B recommended all reds, and currently 6 consecutive red profits exceed 4 times!In terms of the competition, Xu Chuying’s championship is nearly 5th and 5th. Today’s 2 British championship recommendations are worthy of attention![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Lu Bu: Yesterday’s 5th 5th red, won 336%of the return.In terms of competitions, Lu Bu also won the British championship 5 consecutive results. Today, he brought the Wishigo Athletic VS Hall City’s victory and flattening interpretation![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Zhang Sanfeng: Football prediction has a 5 -consecutive red profit of more than 3 times, not only that, Zhang Sanfeng Yingyi predicts 6 consecutive reds, today brings Stevenic VS Jilin Ham’s large and small ball analysis![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent single game prediction of Readin Sai Guo 10 consecutive red: Sibromvich vs Readin

Smart single game predicting Berne Lisselo 10 consecutive red: Swansea vs Berneli

Intelligent single game predicting Vigo Athletic Fruit 10 consecutive red: Vegang Athletic vs Herr City

[Selection of Basic Smart Forecast today]

Intelligent Hero Robin Han: In the NBA competition ended this morning, Robin Han hit the Nuggets to win the game+king vs Grizzlies small points. Currently, 9 consecutive basketball red explosion earns more than 7 times.Intersection[Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero time movement: the same China Nuggets winning the game+king vs Grizzlies small points, currently 6 consecutive red returns in basketball exceeded 5 times, unlock the latest plan![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Zhang Fei: hit the king VS Grizzlies+Celtics vs nuggets with a small score, basketball 5 consecutive red profit exceeding 4 times, follow today recommendation![Unlock smart forecast]

[Selection of Football Lottery Smart Forecast]

Football Lottery will be discontinued on January 3 (Tuesday), so stay tuned!

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