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Selected football expert: Lao Dao watching the ball capture the football lottery 1.71 million competing lottery and take 14 consecutive red

On December 30th (Friday) Beijing time, 17 games were sold today, including the Australian Super League, French Cup, and Dutch B and other events.In the prediction of the experts, Lao Dao watched the ball again, and he captured the first+55 betting of the nine -win prize 1.71 million, and the Caicai Hao took 14 consecutive reds!Football lottery captures more than 20 million experts Ronnie, and then 1.7 million!Getting the lottery to get 4 consecutive reds, the state is good!In terms of intelligent predictions, hero Wang Zhaojun took the first class of 1.57 million, 11,664 yuan in the same class!Hua Rongzhong has 11 nine prizes in 11 prizes.Football List 1 Li Yuanba is stable 8 consecutive reds, come and watch [Web version recharge up to 1188!]

★★★★ Industry authoritative lottery experts ★★★★

[Selected by Football Lottery Experts]

Lao Dao watching the ball: the state is super explosive!In the last issue, I won the Football Lottery first +16 betting 2 class+55 note for nine!1.71 million prizes!Lao Dao watched the ball in the football lottery forecast, and won the first prize in 22151.Today’s Football Lottery Fixed Plan continues to impact the award [View today’s recommendation]

Ronnie: Recently broke out!Ronini has reached an amazing 21.99 million prizes!Only 6 days in 2023, the great god of Ronini won more than 2 million prizes!In the last issue, Foot Lottery lived up to expectations. He successfully won 1 bet, 15 bets, and 55 bets nine, and won 1.7 million yuan. It also achieved a full -fledged lottery.The plan tonight must not be missed![View today recommendation]

Captain: In the previous forecast, the 1 -class +16 bet 2 class+1 note for nine captures 1.57 million!Captain of the experts last year won more than 15 million!Tonight confidence will rush to the million prize [see today recommendation]

Xiao Laiwan: The first prize of the first prize of the first prize+the second prize 14 bets to win 1.55 million, accurate analysis of the footprint tonight you red list![View today recommendation]

[Selected by experts today]

Lao Dao watching the ball: Following the 23rd red miracles, you will take 14 consecutive red again after the red miracle!Yesterday, I stabilized the Braga victory+Manchester City guest victory.Today’s British Football Cup+Dutch Armor has stabilized. We will witness the miracles again. Don’t miss it [View today’s recommendation]

William: Yesterday, I predicted 2 games, and the red show came to 9 games!I will send the French Cup+Dutch Bye today today, and quickly keep up with the red steps![View today recommendation]

Wang Yundi: Star experts take another 6 consecutive reds!2.44 million fan quantity platform No. 1!Get the most widely recognized!Select 1 single 2 string 1 today!Including the ball+score![View today recommendation]

Bowen Equipment: Platform strength expert, recently stable status, obtaining a wave of 6 consecutive reds, worthy of [View today’s recommendation]

Pice understands a goal: Do you remember the red and purple Pi Ge during the World Cup?He rushed to the forefront of the Lian Red List. At present, there are 6 red games. Yesterday, he also hit the score of Osasana Gao.

[Selection of today’s Basketball Expert]

Lord Baiyun City: Today, the Jazz VS rocket is predicted to win the winning defeat, and the prediction of the basketball lottery will reach 5 consecutive reds!Come and follow [View today recommendation]

Amazing NBA: Today, there are 5 games in basketball, 5 consecutive reds, and the hot state is worth keeping up with [View today’s recommendation]

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[Selection of Football Lottery Smart Forecast]

Intelligent hero Wang Zhaojun: In the last issue, 1.16 bets and 2 grades to 1.57 million!11664 yuan is the same as China 1!Single -up Arsenal draw!Many bile in this issue help Friday Football Lottery!See Wang Zhaojun to take you tonight![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent Hero Huorong: In the previous forecast, 11 bets were reached 28,000!Douzai is the main victory of Inter, and the strength is credible. Tonight the plan must not be missed![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent hero Goku: In the previous forecast, there were 25,000 prizes in 11 bets!8.55 million in history![Unlock smart forecast]

[Selection of Smart Forecast today]

Smart hero Li Yuanba: Wonderful scene!The first Li Yuanba of the Football List, the football even the red list+basketball, the red list, the three lists are led!Football prediction 8 consecutive reds, profit of 6 times, 5 games yesterday, paying attention to the impact of today’s plan![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Mo Xie: Football prediction 7 times of red profit nearly 4 times!Pay attention to the stable tonight![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent single game predicting Manchester League Fruit 10th: [Manchester United vs Everton]

[Selection of Basic Smart Forecast today]

Smart hero Li Yuanba: Forecast basket lottery 5 times to earn 5 times the red explosion, follow the latest solution [Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent hero Xu Yan: Predicted Basic 5 consecutive red profit of more than 4 times![Unlock smart forecast]

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