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Selected football expert: Lao Dao watching the ball and taking 11 consecutive red Akuan Youdao 10 consecutive red

On January 5th (Thursday), Beijing time, today there are Premier League, King Cup, Portuguese Super League, Tu Chao and other events!In the prediction of the experts, Lao Dao watched the ball with red 5 single and 2 string 1 to win a wave of 11 consecutive reds.In terms of intelligent predictions, the hero Zhou Yu has a 10 -year red profit of more than 7 times, and Jiezhen 8 red!West Cup 4 4, intelligent prediction of Chelsea Sai Fruit 90%![Web version recharge up to 1188!]

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[Selected by experts today]

Lao Dao watched the ball: Yesterday, it was predicted to hit another 2 single and 2 string 1. At this time, 2 string 1 recommendation has hit 5 consecutive orders. Lao Dao watched the ball after winning the first 18 consecutive red red at the end of December last year.In addition, Lao Dao watched the ball in the last issue of Football Lottery and won 1.71 million in the first+55 bet!Today, Lao Dao watched the ball and continued to impact the recording of even red, just boutique, do not miss it![View today recommendation]

Akuan You said: yesterday hit the Premier League, Serie A 2 singles and 1 string 1. Recently, it is predicted to win a wave, 10 consecutive reds, nearly 21 in the long line.Follow the latest plan![View today recommendation]

Brother Jingcai: Yesterday, I hit the Serie A, West Cup, West Cup+Premier League 3 single and 2 string 1, and the lottery forecast won 7 consecutive reds!Today I bring the West Cup+Premier League 2 string 1 confidence recommendation![View today recommendation]

William: Yesterday’s predictions hit two orders in succession, football forecasts won 7 consecutive reds![View today recommendation]

Data Master: Yesterday, two more red single 3 string 1+ hit football lottery second prizes+10 bets in the nine state is very good![View today recommendation]

Bowen Equality: Recent forecasts have won a wave of 5 consecutive reds, and 2 are in the last issue+Ren Jiu!Follow the latest plan![View today recommendation]

[Selection of today’s Basketball Expert]

Ma Rui: Basai has a steady harvest of a wave of 6 consecutive reds, pay attention to the latest plan![View today recommendation]

Lord Baiyun City: Strike 5 consecutive red!Focus +2 string 1 hit!Tomorrow Four Single Towns+2 Strings 1+ Focus Recommendation![View today recommendation]

Tan Kai: I hit the Australian Basketball Federation+2 NBA yesterday, and the basket color rewarded a wave of 3 consecutive reds. Pay attention to the latest plan![View today recommendation]

Wang Ge: Predicate that Basai has a steady harvest of 3 consecutive reds. Today, it brings Australian Basketball Federation+NBA2 Strings 1 Size Division Forecast![View today recommendation]

[Selected by Football Lottery Experts]

The next issue will be discontinued on January 6th (Friday), so stay tuned!

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[Selection of Smart Forecast today]

Intelligent hero Zhou Yu: Yesterday, she predicted that she hit a soil super and 4 Serie A fruit. Recently, the 10 consecutive red profit has exceeded 7 times. The Premier League forecast has 3 consecutive reds.[Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Xiezhen: Yesterday 2 West Cup, 2 Premier League, 1 Greek Super League, and one soil super all red orders, steadily scored 8 consecutive red profit of more than 5 times, Western Cup forecast 4 consecutive reds, today’s Premier League Western Cup soil soilRecommended![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent Hero Su Chao: Forecast of 6 consecutive reds in football, 6 consecutive reds of Western Cup, pay attention to the latest plan![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Sun Shangxiang: Recently, football predictions will be 4 times the red net profit![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent single games predict the Portuguese Super Portuguese, West Cup Fruit 10: San Clara VS Braga, Taranga VS Osasuna, Edenns VS Bilbao

Intelligent prediction of Chelsea Sai Guo 10: Chelsea vs Manchester City

[Selection of Basic Smart Forecast today]

Smart hero clown: yesterday hit 76 people to win and the Warriors 3 times the ball game fruit, basketball forecast steadily won 6 consecutive reds![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Sun Ce: I hit 1 Australian Basketball and 1 NBA fruit today, and stabilized the basket lottery 5 consecutive red![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent hero Zhang Liao: Prediction of hitting 2 Western Basketball League, prediction basket lottery 5 consecutive red![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart Hero Zhang Sanfeng: Basic Lottery Forecast 5 Corporation![Unlock smart forecast]

[Selection of Football Lottery Smart Forecast]

The next issue will be discontinued on January 6th (Friday), so stay tuned!

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