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Selected football expert: Lao Dao watched the ball to capture 7 reds!Yesterday, 3 single 2 string 1 1

On January 4th (Wednesday), Beijing time, today’s Interest A morning, the Premier League and the King Cup and other focus!In the prediction of the experts, the expert Lao Dao watched the ball and won 7 consecutive reds. The little student scratched the ball with 7 consecutive reds.In terms of intelligent predictions, Hero Wu has made a profit of more than 6 times, and Fazheng captures 7 consecutive reds, and 90%of intelligent prediction Serie A race fruit![Web version recharge up to 1188!]

★★★★ Industry authoritative lottery experts ★★★★

[Selected by experts today]

Lao Dao watched the ball: Yesterday, I predicted 3 single and 2 string 1. After watching the ball at the end of December last year, I won the first 18 consecutive red in the entire network. Now I will get 7 consecutive reds again.Red more lottery, just boutique, do not miss it![View today recommendation]

Boy Kanqiu: Yesterday, it predicted that Leicester City was unpredictable.Boom Banqiu Tonight Serie A Turin VS Verona and Inter Mimi VS Naples have been recommended, and this wave of red is not to be missed![View today recommendation]

Fenglin Volcano: Yesterday, it was predicted to hit 3 single and 2 strings, and hit 5 singles and 2 string 1 in the past 2 days!As an old platform expert, Fenglin Volcano is not only good at football lottery forecasts, but also very good at recommending the scores![View today recommendation]

Captain: Yesterday, the lottery forecast won the Premier League 2 single, 2 string, 1 and 1 single king cup 2 string 1, so as to harvest a wave of 6 consecutive reds![View today recommendation]

Akuan Youdao: Recently, a wave of 6 consecutive reds, nearly 17 in the long line, and yesterday in the Spanish score!Follow the latest plan![View today recommendation]

Little Rooth: 6 consecutive reds are harvested by the lottery forecast.Look at the latest recommendation today![View today recommendation]

[Selection of today’s Basketball Expert]

Wang Ge: Today, I predict that the Celtics loses the point+Bucks Win Point+Jazz Section 3 strings and 1 combination, basket lottery forecast harvest 5 consecutive reds!Continue to impact Lian Hong![View today recommendation]

Ma Rui: Basai has a steady harvest of a wave of 6 consecutive reds, pay attention to the latest plan![View today recommendation]

Ren Yaoyu NBA: Forecast Basic Garment to gain a wave of 4 consecutive reds, watch the Rocket VS Pelicans, Heat VS Lakers forecast![View today recommendation]

[Selected by Football Lottery Experts]

The next issue will be discontinued on January 6th (Friday), so stay tuned!

★★★★ Sina Lottery Intelligent Forecast ★★★★

[Selection of Smart Forecast today]

Smart hero Wu Yong: Yesterday, a Greek Super League, 3 Premier League and 2 Western Cup Fruit were predicted yesterday.Super confidence is predicted![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent Hero Law: Yesterday’s 5 predictions hit all red, and the 7 consecutive red profit was more than 5 times. The Premier League predicted 8 consecutive reds.[Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Zhang Xiu: It is predicted that football has a steady harvest of 6 consecutive red profit of more than 3 times, and the Western Cup forecast 3 consecutive reds. Pay attention to the latest plan![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent hero Yu Ji: Yesterday’s Premier League and 4 Western Cups hit all the best, and a wave of 6 consecutive reds was stable.[Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent single -game prediction Serie A. 9 Mad 9: Spezia vs Atlanta, Ledar vs Lazio, Cramina vs Juventus

Intelligent prediction Samp, Naples, Florence Saigo 10 consecutive red: Sassol VS Sanp, Interbis vs Naples, Florence vs Monza

[Selection of Basic Smart Forecast today]

Intelligent hero Nezha: I hit 3 Western Basketball League yesterday, and the basketball forecast was steady to win 7 consecutive reds![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Xu Chu: I hit the 2 Western Basketball League today, and stabilized the basket lottery 5 consecutive red![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Zhang Yan: Predicted to hit the Celtics Thunder and Western Basketball League, predict basket lottery 4 consecutive red![Unlock smart forecast]

[Selection of Football Lottery Smart Forecast]

The next issue will be discontinued on January 6th (Friday), so stay tuned!

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