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Selected football expert: Haruko 6 consecutive red yesterday all the smart forecast 12 consecutive red

On January 9th (Monday), Beijing time, today’s competitions have been launched, so that there are more choices for the gameplay.In terms of expert predictions, Haruko’s 6 -consecutive reds were all in five games yesterday, and Kim Brother chatted with 6 consecutive 9 consecutive 9 consecutive 9 games, and Leng Brother was stable 6 consecutive reds.In terms of intelligent prediction, the hero Ruan Xiaoer’s football 12 consecutive red explosion earns 9 times, Xu Chu 11 consecutive red football total cups 4, Fa Zheng 9 consecutive red Serie A 5 consecutive China![Web version recharge up to 1188!]

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[Selected by experts today]

Haruko: Yesterday, the firepower was fully opened, and all the five recommendations plans hit all. At present, the score of 6 consecutive red scores is on the top of the list.Although there are not many events today, Haruko still brings La Liga+Serie A 2 string 1 and the British Football Cup Oxford Liana Arsenal to recommend the ball. Do not miss it![View today recommendation]

Brother Kim chats: Yesterday, I made a choice of Salina to win. While gaining 6 consecutive reds, it was nearly 90 % of the 8th in the long line.Today, Ge Ge brought an interpretation of a La Liga Bilbao VS Osasuna, impacting 7 consecutive reds![View today recommendation]

Early Lishi: Yesterday, the 2nd British Football Cup recommended all red, and won the results of 5 consecutive red+Yingzu Total Cup 4 consecutive.Today, Yi Chu Li gave a selection of Single Single Series first, whether there are more exciting in the future, it is worth looking forward to![View today recommendation]

Hong Bo: Yesterday’s four unique cases were all red, of which 3 La Liga forecasts were all of them. At present, 5 consecutive red+La Liga 3 consecutive China, pay attention to today’s plan![View today recommendation]

Three Brother Jieqiu: 5 consecutive red!Serie A+La Liga 2 strings 1 combination![View today recommendation]

Tianya Kanqiu: 5 consecutive red!Yesterday, the whole China+capture Australian Super League score in the morning![View today recommendation]

Leng Brother: Football forecast 6 consecutive red![View today recommendation]

Zhang Chi: Football forecast 5 consecutive reds![View today recommendation]

[Selection of today’s Basketball Expert]

Big Bear Basketball: I hit the Cavaliers away today. The current basketball forecast is 4 consecutive red.Tomorrow’s NBA fierce battle, the bear will bring the Magic VS King+Lakers VS Nuggets two interpretations, impacting 6 consecutive reds![View today recommendation]

Realm: Basic Lottery Forecast 3 consecutive red![View today recommendation]

Bryant disciples: Basketball forecast 3 consecutive reds![View today recommendation]

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The next issue will be discontinued on January 11th (Wednesday), so stay tuned!

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[Selection of Smart Forecast today]

Smart hero Ruan Xiaofe: Football 12 consecutive red explosion 9 times!Today, I selected soil super+La Liga+Serie A competition interpretation, come and watch![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Xu Chu: Football 11 consecutive red football total cup 4 consecutive!Today, it brings Oxford Union Arsenal’s single interpretation, which is worthy of attention![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent Heroes: Football 9 red+Serie A 5 consecutive China!Bring Verona+Bologna’s two interpretations today, unlocked immediately![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero sand monk: 7 consecutive red+soil over 4 consecutive red!Today’s focus: Istanbulbang vs, Gazi Antipipu![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent single -game prediction Bolognia Saiguo 10 consecutive red: Bologna vs Atlanta

Intelligent singles prediction predicted Bilbao Sai Guo 10th Middle 9: Bilbao VS Osasuna

Intelligent single -site prediction Verona -Fruit 10 Mad 9: Verona VS Cremona

Intelligent single game predicting Arsenal Sai Fruit 10 Mad 9: Oxford Liana Arsenal Arsenal

[Selection of Basic Smart Forecast today]

Smart hero Meng won: Yesterday, West Basketball Union+NBA recommended all the best, and the current 8 consecutive red profit of basketball is more than 6 times.Today brings the Bucks VS Nix+Bull VS Celtics to interpret it, impact 10 consecutive reds![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent hero Lei Heng: Basketball prediction 6 consecutive red profit is 5 times![Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Yang Zhi: Basketball prediction 6 times red net profit 4 times![Unlock smart forecast]

[Selection of Football Lottery Smart Forecast]

The next issue will be discontinued on January 11th (Wednesday), so stay tuned!

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