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Selected football expert: Golden fingers 700,000 capture unveils, 9 consecutive reds


On November 20th (Sunday), Beijing time, the 2nd match day of the Qatar World Cup, the Cai Cai sold 3 group stages, and the 22144 issue of the Football Lottery will also be discontinued tonight. Experts predict the record, the golden fingers in the last period of 700,000, unveiled the red Shanhao to take 9 consecutive reds, Fenglin volcano, Hongye, Jiuye with the middle of the Football Lottery; in terms of intelligent predictions, Zheng Chenggong, Lu Junyi, and Xiebao all received 700,000 Football lottery bonus, fast onlookers! [Web version recharge up to 1188! ]

★★★★ Industry authoritative lottery experts ★★★★

[Selected by Football Lottery Experts]

Golden Finger: In the previous forecast, the Football Lottery Award, with a total of 700,000 winnings. The Football Lottery plan has been released on Monday, and a single interpretation of England, the Netherlands, and the United States, it is worthy of continuing attention! [View today recommendation]

Fenglin Volcano: Senior experts on the platform. The last time the Football Lottery scheme captured 708,000, and it predicted that the Football Lottery was over 10 million! The World Cup Football Lottery has been issued on Monday, and a small bill is also attached. Welcome to watch! [View today recommendation]

Hongye: New experts on the platform. In the previous period, the forecast was rewarded the Football Lottery, 16 bets, 2 and 10 bets, and a total of 710,000 prizes. The World Cup Foot Lottery is released, please unlock it! [View today recommendation]

Jiuye: In the previous period, the FI Caijiao Award was predicted, with a prize of 710,000 prizes. Detailed explanation of the World Cup Football Lottery on Monday. It attached to the World Cup of 768 yuan and 32 yuan for nine interpretations. Let’s take a look! [View today recommendation]

Wang Yundi: Predicted Football Lottery 66 Note 1 and others [View Recommended Today]

Akuan Youdao: Settling the platform in February forecast medium -to -color ultrasound 100 bets [View Recommended Today]

Azhe: Forecast Football Lottery has taken 27 bets 1, 475 bets 2, 1569 Nine [View today recommendation]

Thor: In the last issue, 2 bets, Foot Lottery 2, etc. +10 Nine Nine [View Recommended Today]

Unpopular unpacking: In the previous issue, 2 bets, Football Lottery 2, etc. +10 Nine Nine [View Recommended Today]

Laoxu Football Analysis: In the previous issue, 2 bets, 2nd Foot Lottery 2, 10 Nine Nine [View Recommended Today]

[Selected by experts today]

Ronal Ruddy: Football prediction 8 consecutive reds, the World Cup unveiling war red list, predicting England, the Netherlands [View Recommended Today]

Boweng actuarial: 77 consecutive reds of football prediction, capture Ecuador’s victory, tired capture of football 1 and other 77 bets [View recommendation today]

Football madman: Football prediction 7 consecutive red [View today recommendation]

Ball Brother Kuqiu: Football prediction 7 consecutive reds [View recommendation today]

[Selection of today’s Basketball Expert]

Ma Rui: Prediction of Basic 5 consecutive reds, NBA Hornet VS Wizards, Grizzlies VS Nets make all red! [View today recommendation]

Xiandao: Forecast basket lottery 5 consecutive red [View recommended today]

Na said basketball: predicting basketball 4 consecutive red [View recommended today]

★★★★ Sina Lottery Intelligent Forecast ★★★★

[Selection of Football Lottery Smart Forecast]

Smart hero Zheng Chenggong: 700,000 in the last issue of Football Lottery! 10,000 yuan small single medium prize, 3.5 times high in single -out! [Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Lu Junyi: In the previous issue, Football Lottery was first+Ren Jiuqi 700,000, and the forecast has been drawn 6.73 million [Unlocked smart forecast]

Smart hero Xiebao: 700,000 in the last issue of Football Lottery [Unlock Smart Forecast]

Intelligent Heroes Hunter: Lian 2 Sudden High Football Lottery second class! In the previous issue, the Last issue of Hungary 3.4 times high compensation [Unlocked smart forecast]

[Selection of Smart Forecast today]

Intelligent single game predicting World Cup Sai Fruit 10 Mad 9: England VS Iran, Senegal vs Dutch, American VS Wales

Smart hero Zhang Fei: Football prediction 6 consecutive reds, 3 world full forecasts on Monday! [Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent heroes: Football prediction 5 red red [Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Luo Cheng: Football Forecast 5 Red [Unlock Smart Forecast]

[Selection of Basic Smart Forecast today]

Smart hero Zhang Yan: Basketball prediction 6 consecutive reds, profit of more than 4 times, hit multiple games to make points [unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero dry general: basketball forecast 6 consecutive red [unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Han Dang: Basketball Forecast 6 consecutive red [Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent hero Pound: Basketball Forecast 5 Red [Unlock Smart Forecast]

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