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Selected Da Lotto Intelligent Recommendation: Jia Baoyu was exhausted to capture 30 million and second -class 580,000


On January 16th (Monday), Beijing time, the digital gameplay of today’s prizes includes big music, arrangement three, Fucai 3D, etc.In terms of intelligent predictions in the previous period, Jia Baoyu’s 2nd grades captured 31.45 million, Hubble 610,000, and Chen Gongzhong 4+2. Welcome to watch![Web version recharge up to 1188!]

★★★★ Sina Lottery Intelligent Forecast ★★★★

[Selection of the Latest Lotto Intelligent Forecast]

Smart hero Jia Baoyu: The second prize of the Lotto in the previous forecast, 580,000 bonuses, and predicted that the digital lottery capture 31.45 million!Jia Baoyu is a hero chasing hot digital color. She had previously hit 9.79 million in the first prize of Dalo Tou in 21052, and she also hit the second prize many times. Tonight, strive to go further![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent hero Hubble: The prediction of the previous period is 580,000!9+3 duplex 4+1, digital color cumulative winning exceeds 20 million!Monday 5th files have a heavy attack [Unlock Intelligent Forecast]

Smart Hero Chen Gong: In the previous issue, 4+2 won 170,000 prizes!Full kill code in front and rear areas!Digital color forecasts have been caught by 36.32 million!Da Lotto 23007 Recommended [Unlock Smart Forecast]

Intelligent hero Hui Ci: 4+1 in the 2 consecutive period!Single -up in the middle and back zone, the golden gall, the digital prediction has taken 20.36 million!Huici Da Lotto 23007 Recommended [Unlock Intelligent Forecast]

Smart hero Sima Yi: 4+1 in the last issue!Three yards in the middle and front areas, digital color forecasts have taken 35.9 million!Da Lotto 23007 Recommended [Unlock Smart Forecast]

Smart hero Pandora: 4+1 in the last issue of 4+1 in duration of 4+1, digital lottery prediction has been captured 35.6 million!Da Lotto 23007 Recommended [Unlock Smart Forecast]

[Today’s Fucai 3D Smart Selection]

Smart hero Ji Xiaolan: Four consecutive periods of predictions 3D!Direct selection 3 consecutive series [Unlock smart forecast]

Smart hero Zhang Guo Lao: Four consecutive periods of prediction 3D!Selected 3 consecutive red![Unlock smart forecast]

Intelligent Hero Cao Zhi: 3 consecutive periods of predictions in Foucai 3D [Unlock Smart Forecast]

Smart hero Van Gogh: 3 consecutive periods of predictions 3D [Unlock Intelligent Forecast]

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