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Sea fishing: I can’t stop trying it once

Sea fishing is hailed as “sea golf” and has been included in the “Four Golfes” campaign with golf, equestrian, and tennis. In recent years, it has become more and more sought after by people. Whenever the weather is clear and calm, there are such groups of people who wear a waterproof jacket, holding a fishing rod in one hand, holding the insulation box with one hand, and a group of three or five in groups of laughing and driving to the sea. They love fishing and fishing. Fishing to go to sea is the biggest hobby in their lives. This group of people is called “sea fishing”. Recently, a reporter from the Morning Post visited the group of sea fishing enthusiasts in the island city. They communicated from acquaintances to giving out to the sea. Although they were different in age, they gathered together because of sea fishing and enjoyed fishing in the fishing fishing room. “Being able to go fishing in person and make it for your family to eat. This sense of satisfaction is not enjoyed elsewhere.” Fishermen said with a smile. Visiting the sea fishermen returned at 2 pm on November 30, at the Yinhai World Wharf, a fishing boat stopped neatly on the shore. After a while, a fishing boat returned from Wuding Reef attracted the attention of reporters. With the slowly relying on the Hong Kong, six or seven fishermen went ashore in turn, showing their own gains, and the joy on their faces showed joy. “The harvest today is not bad, the sea bass fishing the most.” As soon as I went ashore, the fisherman Wang opened the fish box in his hand and showed reporters. I saw seven or eight sea bass tightly next to each other, and shook the tail from time to time, each with about 4 pounds. “This season is the best fishing in the sea bass. After a period of time, it will be colder, and there will be more fish species that can be caught, such as yellow croaker and cod, which will be more lively when it will go to sea at that time.” Mr. Wang said excitedly. Essence “Our groups of people are in touch with each other. Every time we have to go to the sea every time, we will basically go to the sea together.” Mr. Wang said that there are many experienced sea fishing in the circle of friends. More than 10 years. Every time you go to sea, everyone always exchanges the equipment that needs to be prepared in advance. After returning to the sea, they will also expose the results and share experience. Mr. Hou, who was cleaning the fishing gear next to the side, also expressed satisfaction with today’s gains. “The bass this time is not bad, and it is quite big.” Mr. Hou said, every time he went out to fish to get home with a fish, he was very happy. In addition to enjoying the fun of fishing, you can also eat fresh fish caught by yourself. This feeling is very fulfilling. “Most of the fish caught fish are eaten by themselves. When many times, they will be distributed to friends and neighbors. Everyone gathers together to eat, which is very lively.” Mr. Hou said that as long as you have time to catch up with any opportunity to go to sea fishing fishing to fish, He will participate. During the conversation, three or five fishermen dragged the insulation box and walked on the heating box. When you open the fish box, many fishermen’s box is close to the “burst box”. “Today is the most caught recently. There are blackheads and sea bass, which is quite satisfied.” Mr. Wei, a fisherman, said with a smile, waiting to see the weather, and then called a friend to catch it in a few days. Mr. Wei told reporters that most of the fish caught by fishermen are shared by their own family, and they rarely get the market to sell. What everyone enjoy is the process from fishing to eating fish. Coupled with the fresh fish grids, the number of fish will be divided into friends and relatives, and now it has become a special gift for gifts. Telling the feeling of sea fishing feels on the sea fishing, this group of sea fishing people always have endless words. In their experience of sea fishing, the most hearing is the sentence: it will be addictive once to the sea. Captain Wang Tao, who has just returned from Dagong Island Sea, told reporters that he has been in contact with sea fishing for more than 10 years. In his heart, there are only 0 and countless differences in fishing. “I watched adults fishing on the shore since I was a child, and I was affected unknowingly.” Wang Tao recalled that since the age of 4, he often goes to the river or the shore with his elders since he was 4 years old. At that time, most of the other children liked to run and jumped, but they liked to sit quietly on the shore, waiting quietly for the fish to hook, and sometimes it was one afternoon. When he grew up, he began to go fishing with his neighbors, sitting on the shore with a fishing rod and a bucket. Later, the person who went to sea to fish was appeared, and he felt fresh and followed. “It feels really different for the first time to go to the sea.” Wang Tao recalled that when watching the boat slowly driving away from Hong Kong, the stern was tossing the white waves, and the shore in the field of vision became farther and farther. , I am looking forward to the next fishing journey. “After reaching the area suitable for sea fishing, the sea that could not be seen at a glance, and put the fishing rod into the sea. No one knew what fish would catch.” Wang Tao said that what he enjoyed in the waiting is the unknown fun of the sea in the wait. And when the fishing rod in my hand has a response and feels that there is a big fish hooked, at this time, you must have enough physical strength and endurance to enjoy the stimulus with the fish. “If you encounter a heavyweight fish, don’t mention how exciting it is when it is fishing.” Wang Tao said with a smile, you will know the experience of going out to sea once, it is really fascinating. Essence The “addiction” of sea fishing also makes the distance from sea fishermen like Wang Tao getting farther and farther. Wang Tao said that every time he goes to the new sea fishing, he and fishermen will be very excited and always bring the most complete equipment, for fear of missing the opportunity to catch big fish and rare fish species. Now, Wang Tao has not only studied sea fishing himself, but his experience in fishing is becoming more and more abundant. He also took a yacht certificate and bought a boat. Talking to the 2 because of “fishing” to become friends, although this group of sea fishing is different, but because of sea fishing, they make them know each other and become friends.

Mr. He, who lives in Shibei District, is a member of Qingdao fishermen. He recalled that since he was a child, he played with his friends on the shore after school, and personally made simple fish hooks and bait to fish. When he grew up, he came into contact with sea fishing and brought professional equipment to fish. “Fishing career” has been 30 years. “When I was a kid, I was fun. Occasionally, I was lucky to catch a few fish home. I was very happy.” Mr. He said with a smile and said that he graduated from class and accidentally came into contact with sea fishing. “I remember when I was fishing for the first time, I had no experience at all. I spent more than 200 yuan to buy a fishing rod and a fish wheel.” The yellow croaker and black -headed fish that weighing for nearly me did not mention it. Later, I often fishing out of the sea. “It is not enough to go to the sea to fish. If you want to catch well, you have to find someone to bring it.” Mr. He said that in order to learn from the experienced sea fishing predecessors, he he had joined many sea fishing groups by inquiring. Many sea fishing enthusiasts. “Most of these groups have sixty or seventy people, the largest is in their 50s, and the youngest is only 20 years old.” Mr. He said that as long as he raised the sea fishing, the group would suddenly become lively. For example, to catch up with the weather, someone will launch a team in the group, agreed time and place, and now it will be organized once or twice a month. Sometimes the “Air Force” may be “Air Force”, but the fishing is not good, but the fishermen will not be discouraged, and they will look forward to the next “burst box” to return. After starting the sea fishing, Mr. He will study the weather in the sea. There are many software about fishing on his mobile phone. “The most used is ‘fishing’, which can not only see the experience shared by others, but also analyze whether the weather is suitable for going to the sea.” Fishermen, slowly everyone became friends. When it’s okay, three or five of the close fishermen gathered together for a meal together, talked about sea fishing, and expanded their circle of friends. It is about Lin Yuan, a different fishing method of fishing, and a different fish species with more than 20 years of sea fishing experience. Generally, ship fishing is the entry -level level, which is simple and most direct, and is loved by most fishermen. With the in -depth research on sea fishing, more and more experienced sea fishing people now like to fish fishing and Luya fishing. “These two fishing methods are more difficult. It takes time and energy to study, which is very challenging.” Lin Yuan said that Luya fishing uses false fakes to make a small jump on the water to tease the fish, which greatly increases sea fishing, which greatly increases sea fishing, which greatly increases sea fishing. fun of. “This method may not have a lot of fishing fishing a day, but the process of fishing is very interesting.” Lin Yuan said that Luya fishing method can also catch many rare and fierce fish species, such as catfish, yellow crickets, and yellow crickets, yellow crooked Black snapper and so on. Lin Yuan introduced that island cities have also been popular in the island cities in recent years. Many fishermen have also caught fish species such as stone snapper, dental slices, and real bream. “Big fishing is to fish for rocks or reef beaches. This method is very particular about the flow of water. There will be big fish with big ‘streams’.” Lin Yuan said that most of the fish are foraging against flow. Convenient to shorten the predation path. Coupled with the water flow, the oxygen content in the water is also high, and the fish movement is dense. “Because each island’s” flowing water ‘is different, the location of the fish is different. Fishermen often observe the direction and change of the water flow with experience to catch more fish. “Lin Yuan said, such as Chaolian Island Island The fishing season generally starts from the end of summer. It can always be caught before and after New Year’s Day. “It is worth fishing to catch a rare fish with different fishing methods, even if it is fishing only one day.” Lin Yuan said with a smile. For example, this kind of fish generally lives in the warm and subtropical waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Strong teeth and bird’s beak -like mouth can easily swallow the conch, mussels, and sea urchins, and are curious and smart. “Big fishing stones are difficult and rare, and everyone is called ‘dreamy fish’.” Lin Yuan said that the maximum body length of this fish can reach 80 cm. , Generally, fishermen are recommended to use the front wire of the wire.

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