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Scott will concentrate on fighting for the United States Tour next year.



November 25, Beijing time. Adam Scott won in the US Masters in 2013 and became the only player in Augusta in Augusta.

After nearly 10 years, he was still seeking the second big slam. Obviously, if he won again, Adam Scott’s career will rise to a new height. At the age of 42, he is still one of the best players in the world, ranking 34th in the world. Moreover, he now invites Tiger Woods’s old rosette Steve Williams to his backpack. However, he also knows that he has not left much.

But then again, Mickelson won the PGA Championship last year. At that time, he was almost 51 years old.

“I didn’t live in the United States, but I will stay in the United States for a long time next year, so as to have the opportunity to compete for the championship,” Adam Scott said. “I can’t fly around the world, and then with those unwilling players confrontation.

“I have changed my focus. I hope to achieve my dream and goal as a player. I have less and less time. I must do everything to ensure that I can create the best opportunity for myself. I still did not realize me. The goal you want to achieve the whole career. “

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