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Scolding players!Fight for four!Mourinho’s “big show” began again


Mourinho is doing something again

Last round of away 1-3 lost to AC Milan, this round of home was turned over by Juventus 3-4, “We are a midstream team.” In my heart.

Although Mourinho put more lengths on the referee’s penalty decision, the result of the two goals was not convinced, and he was not convinced. When Juventus, the latter scored three goals in 7 minutes, directly making the team’s victory defeat, and also made Mourinho’s mood from clear to overcast.

After the game, he didn’t look strange to the players again.

“When Juventus, when this team chased 3-2, the fear seized our players. For me, 3-2 is not a problem, but it is a problem for my players. “,”

“In the final analysis, when you encounter trouble, you need to pick up your own characteristics, but some of us in our dressing room are a bit friendly and a little too weak.”

In an interview after the game, Mourinho naturally was quite dissatisfied with the results of the team’s reversal. In his opinion, although the score was falling behind, he still had a strong mentality of the Jedi, but his team did not. Losing to Juventus means that Rome will continue to rank seventh. “This mentality of taking the fifth, sixth, and seventh in the league is the comfort zone. Comfort Zone. “

That is what he said, “They have to move closer to my mentality instead of me closer to them.”

This method of chicken blood has actually been staged.

In the early days of coaching Tottenham, Mourinho thought more than once, thinking that Tottenham players were “too good”. In Amazon’s “Lone Note” documentary for Tottenham, Mourinho shouted behind the team after the first training course, and shouted:

“You must have a problem with your team. I have been against you so many times. No player has scolded me.”

So during the training, the Mourinho session often reminded players to change their mentality: to be a good person in private, but 90 minutes on the court must become a bastard with a victory with a full eye.

Just like in Rome, when coaching Tottenham, he also gained a good short -term result using this mentality.

However, it is difficult to maintain chicken blood for a long time.

Compared with Mourinho’s heyday ten years ago, the current professional football club has a more scientific concept of rehabilitation and more comprehensive technology equipment, but the players’ schedule pressure has also increased much.

What’s more, the average strength of players has declined.

Today’s players are indeed not like the older generation of players have a more mature attitude and more persistent desire for victory, because football is a carrier to change human life for older generations, but for the current players, It’s just a living tool that makes them glorious.

Without football, they can live well with the millions of fans in social media.

In fact, Mourinho’s observation of players is correct. The mentality of a new generation of players does have changed, but the problem is that you cannot let them have the mentality of older generations of players out of thin air.

On the court, players are required to work hard, work hard, and never give up every day. For a long time, players who have declined on average now are prone to fatigue, decline, and even injury. In Rome, Abraham, Zaniolo, the most listening to Mourinho, have been difficult to regain their explosive performance at the beginning of the season.

Under the court, once the record declines, Mourinho’s way of hoping to change the player’s mentality can easily cause the resentment and contradiction in the locker room.

For two consecutive weeks to push the losing responsibility to players, Mourinho’s future will be suspicious again.

Rome is a midstream team, but this is not the football world ten years ago.

In the first 10 years of the 21st century, Mourinho could take Porto, which was caught in the mud in only two and a half years; in the first 10 years of the 21st century, Mourinho could With a brand new Chelsea, he won the Premier League championship in the first show; in the first 10 years of the 21st century, Mourinho took the Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Snape, Etoo, and international. Milan’s famous players reproduced the glorious era of Great International.

It’s just that the times have changed now.

The reason why Tottenham and Rome are far away from the league championship for a long time, the essential reason is that there is a significant gap between the strength of the players. The difference between their players and champion players is by no means so simple.

Therefore, the blood of the chicken is effective for a while, and the effect will occur in the long run.

How can Guardiola and German coaches who advocate oppressing football become the protagonists of the past decade?

Because their football philosophy happens to fit the psychological characteristics of contemporary young players who are keen to compete for ball rights and cannot withstand the pressure of defense for a long time, they will be based on the help of sports science. , Give full play to this mentality, thus winning one after another.

Those who cater to the world become the winners, and they can’t understand it like Mourinho.

He doesn’t understand why the players are so fragile now, and he doesn’t understand why the current players are so immature. He doesn’t understand why the players are not able to keep up with his footsteps and rhythm.In an interview after the game, he said that he didn’t want to move closer to the player’s mentality, but if he didn’t move closer, he could only fall into a vicious circle.

When we came to Rome, Mourinho only needed to slow down the pace of transformation on the basis of admitting “we are a midstream team.”

After all, even Guardiola came to Manchester City in the first year, he was just the fourth place.

However, in the long run, this is not a time that can change everything by changing the mentality, because the gap between the strength between players has become larger, and it is so big that it can make up for the degree of changing mentality.

Through this point, Rome and Mourinho have a chance to be better.

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