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Saudi Yath Shengli officially announced that it has signed with Ronaldo to 2025

In the early morning of December 31st, Beijing time, Saudi Yathin officially announced that it had signed a contract with Ronaldo until 2025.

Saudi Arabia officially announced that the greatest players in the world officially joined.The club chairman Miamal and Cristiano Ronaldo signed a contract until 2025. Ronaldo will wear No. 7 jersey.

Previously, according to media reports, Ronaldo can get 200 million euros each year in Liadeson, of which about 1/3 of which are salary, and others include business opportunities and endorsement income.

It is reported that Ronaldo has received the first part of the physical examination, and the two parties are finalizing the details of the contract, and the club is still applying for a visa for him.The second part of the medical examination will be carried out in Riya.

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  1. the greatest?IntersectionIntersection[Cool]

  2. Really kick to 40 years old.Don’t go to the scalp and the shovel is abolished directly | You youStill save it!

  3. Pure commercial interests!But still bless Ronaldo!

  4. It means that it cannot be accepted

  5. I am a novice, weak question: Where can I watch the Saudi Football League live broadcast?I like to watch diving.[Laughing Cry]

  6. Reply
    AttackFootballDefender 12月 31, 2022 at 2:17 上午

    A group of people with an annual salary of less than 100,000 per year, a year -old salary of 1.5 billion, with many professional players fans.The goal has also achieved the three national team champions in Argentina

  7. Do you think you show you your humor?What you show is your quality.There are also elderly people in your family, and you will grow old yourself. Respecting an old player who once showed us wireless ability is the greatest respect for yourself.

  8. Luo is the football entertainment star that blows out!With less Luo, there will be a lot of laughter in the football

  9. Money is more stupid

  10. May I ask Luo Bo, where can I broadcast the Saudi League?Will there be a Saudi League sector here in the future?[Haha] [Haha]

  11. The Camel in the Middle East

  12. The hard work

  13. The Saudi League Niu Yuli, far 100 times more than French Niu Niu.Those who said that Messi played for the sixth league can show off.

  14. The purpose of this choice is obviously obvious. So the problem is that Cristiano Ronaldo is still worse. It seems that it is difficult to fill in the real characteristics of human nature.

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