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Saudi coach: Our group can’t get out of the line Messi is a legend

At 18 o’clock on Tuesday, Beijing time, Argentina will play against Saudi Arabia in the World Cup group stage. Saudi coach Renard said to be honest, saying that Saudi Arabia cannot qualify in the group stage.

“I don’t think we can enter the next round, but we have to make the situation different from everyone’s prediction here.”

The Saudi coach emphasized, “There will be surprises in the World Cup, this is the mentality of our team.” He added, “I like everyone forgot us and think we are the weakest team. We don’t mind. Considering the ranking of FIFA, this makes sense. “

Regarding the Argentine team, he reviewed the friendly match he played in Morocco in 2019. “I was impressed at the time. They were one of the best teams on the planet, and Skaloni did extraordinary work. We must be prepared and prepared.”

Renard also talked about Messi and said “he is a football legend.” “We must not forget other players of the Argentine team, because they are the highest levels. It can be here, and can be against Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. This is a honor.”

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