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Saka: Arsenal is a stronger party to reverse the elimination of the elimination of Villar Rere

After losing to Villarreal in the first round, Saka expressed optimism about Arsenal’s opportunity to reverse the reversal in the UEFA semi -finals. He declared that “we are stronger than them, even if we only have 10 people to fight.”

On Thursday night, Arsenal was defeated by a 1-2 score in Spain in Spain, and Manu Terrygose and Raul Albiol scored 2 goals in the first half, and then Nicholas · Pepe recovered a goal for the gunner.

After Sebazos was sent off, Mickel Alda was forced to fight with 10 people in the last 30 minutes, but he still managed to let the team not lose more. The second round of the Chiefs Stadium is full of hope.

“We have a lot of positive aspects in the second half. This is a semi -final, and our opening method … We did not create anything, the scene was very passive, and we lost every confrontation.” This Arsenal winger told BT after the game Sport.

“I am glad that we have recovered ourselves in the second half and gave us the opportunity to reverse the reversal in the chiefs. We proved that we are stronger than them, even if we only have 10 people present, so whether we can advance to us.”

“As long as we play well, we can defeat anyone.”

The gunman created the worst start in the game against Biliareal. At the beginning of the game, the game was just 5 minutes before the game started. Terrygose’s low shot passed the five fingers of the German goalkeeper Renault.

Uya Emery’s team expanded the score again before the end of the first half. In the 30th minute of the game, Raul Albiol scored the goal after receiving a corner kick.

This made Arsenal’s wanting to be promoted more difficult. SebaLessis was shown the second yellow card during the start of the second half, but Saka won a penalty for the visiting team in the 70th minute. continue.

Kapa was subsequently presented, but the gunner did not find a chance to equalize. Now they must defeat their opponents in the second round to complete the promotion.

Arsenal will now prepare for the Sunday to play against Newcastle. Four days later, they will play in the second round of the second round in North London.

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