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SAIC Volkswagen 333 Team Xie Xinzhe Coroning CTCC Super Cup annual championship


Xie Xinzhe’s Crown CTCC Super Cup annual champion

On December 8th, the CTCC China Automobile Field Professional League ushered in the final battle of the Super Cup season in Shanghai Tianda Malaysia in Laoshan, Songjiang.SAIC Volkswagen 333 teams sitting at home continued to send Xie Xinzhe, Gao Huayang, Jiang Tengyi, and Lu Wenhu, who drove Lingdu L racing again in this peak.Xie Xinzhe, the leader of the driver’s standings, won in the first round.Won the crown of the annual driver’s cup in advance, and the team also draws a successful end to the season after the two rounds of war.

Lingdu L helps the strong start to get the super cup head to array cars

In December of winter, the temperature in Shanghai was significantly affected by the cold wave to individual digits. How to make the tires enter the working state quickly and avoid excessive wear at low temperature conditions and avoid excessive wear.On Thursday morning, the Super Cup was the first to usher in the official practice of this site.The single -circle score of 1: 07.284 ranked first in the Super Cup.

Based on the top 12 of the audience, the rules of the secondary ranking can be involved in the secondary ranking. The next ranking is even more required to take the best state response in a short time in a short time to have the opportunity to participate in the rod position.In 15 minutes, Xie Xinzhe, the leader of Super Cup Reluctors, played well with his teenager Lu Wenhu, and joined hands with the SAIC 333 team to enter Q2.

In the second quarter contest, the 333 driver continued to work hard in this 10 -minute short -distance sprint. Xie Xinzhe ran a single -circle score of 1: 07.587, ranked the top three in the performance list, and won the first round of the Super Cup in the afternoon.Top parking space.Xie Xinzhe said: “The situation is relatively complicated during the qualifying process, and the tire setting is relatively difficult. There are many leakage and oil stains in the track. You can get a good departure space for this situation in this case!”

In the first round of strength, Xie Xinzhe crowned the super cup annual champion

At noon on Thursday, the first round of the Super Cup Songjiang Laoshan Station officially launched. Xie Xinzhe, who departed from the beginning, started to enter the No. 1 bend.Under the leadership of the safety car, Xie Xinzhe, who ranked second in the audience, kept the tires and brakes at the best working temperature, waiting for the game to restart.Gao Huayang, who started from the 11th, escaped the accidental collision during the departure stage and successfully increased its ranking.

After 6 laps, the safety car returned to the repair area, and the game restored the green flag.However, after the recovery of the game, the rear collisions appeared again, and the accident vehicle stopped by the track. The game triggered a safety car in the second time.

The final stage of the competition was completed in the form of countdown. Xie Xinzhe, who played a stable player, did not leave the opponent’s opportunity to win the first round of the Super Cup game with the “pole position”. With this champion, he won the CTCC Super Cup annual driver in advance.champion!The track that accompanied the development of CTCC events once again witnessed the birth of the annual championship!This is also the first time Xie Xinzhe has won the annual championship trophy of the Super Cup.Gao Huayang, who drove No. 58 SAIC Volkswagen Lingdu L Car, went further than the start of the game. Finally, he welcomed the flag of the square flag with the fifth place of the super cup!

The fierce battle of the second round has successfully completed the Super Cup journey

The second round of the Tianda Terminal was also the last super cup of the year in the afternoon.Xie Xinzhe, who started the eighth place in the audience, looks forward to continuing good status and adding good results, but the track conditions and tire wear of the track make this new CTCC Super Cup annual champion.The fifth result of the audience completed the final battle.

Xie Xinzhe said after the game: “I am very happy to win the championship in the first game, but I did not see the formal results in the first round before the start of the second round, so I still entered the afternoon game with the idea of holding variables and drove to the afternoon.It is not too aggressive, because you only need to complete the competition to lock the annual champion. In the first half of the game, I tried to impact the players in front, but the second half is mainly based on the tires.Thank you very much for your help and support for me throughout the season! “

In the qualifying match, he accidentally failed the racing machinery.From the last start of the audience, Jiang Teng Yiyi perfectly showed his rich experience in CTCC and participating in the competition in Tianda Malaysia. In the 25 -lap competition, he enhanced multiple rankings and successfully harvested the seventh place in the Super Cup.

The SAIC Volkswagen 333 team sprints the Tianda Rotary Lot. It has won good results and crowned the annual honor at Songjiang Laoshan Station, which demonstrates the unremitting efforts of all members of the team during the season and the extraordinary performance of SAIC Volkswagen Lingdu L car.The dust of the season is settled, but the dream is more than.Looking forward to the champion style in the CTCC Super Cup in the next year!

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