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Ruo Bai: Three reasons cause Chinese Go to be green and yellow

The article is transferred from Baijia Number: Ruo Bai Go column

At present, the biggest confusion of Chinese Go is the new generation of players after zero, which is the so -called green and yellow.On the contrary, Shen Zhenyi, who was born in 2000 in 2000, has already received Park Tingzhang’s class, becoming a leading figure in the new generation of South Korea, and jumped into the world’s first person today.

The reason for the predicament of Chinese Go is divergent.Some think that Ke Jie is too early to fail, so that the successor is too late to surface.Some think that there are many world champions in the 90s of Chinese Go, and its special thickness hinders the outflow of the players after zero.Some people think that the national Go team training mechanism is not sound enough to allow them to thrive.

The author believes that the growth of professional chess players depends mainly on internal causes, that is, the player’s own concentration and talent.Of course, it is inseparable from a good external environment, the so -called external cause.


Tu Xiaoyu seven sections

For example, Liu Changhe, a famous Korean king -level player, who is known as “the first attacker in the world”, was a amateur player before the age of 18, but once he determined to break into the professional Go industry, he used his extraordinary love for Go.Perseverance and extraordinary talent, relying on your tenacity and perseverance and diligence from ordinary people, soon achieved the outstanding record of outstanding categories.So far, he still ranks sixth in the World Crown Ranking List with six gold cups. Only Li Changhao, Li Shishi, Cao Xunyi, Guli and Ke Jie, who ranked in front of him, were leading people from different periods of China and South Korea.

From the experience of Liu Tianwang, we can find that without sufficient focus and diligence, it is impossible to achieve the other side of success.But our current young players generally have the phenomenon of insufficient work.Playing the game is full of wind, and the industry has become a taboo in the Go industry.Inadequate control, poor guidance, bad examples of individual leaders, and good survival conditions without economic pressure. These are the basic factors that chess players live in Anlewo and do not want to move.

A media author released an interview with professional chess players. Each player will be asked the same question: What game do you like?As a result, the players had their own preferences almost without exception, and some even had multiple.

Ask, when our Go industry is the landlord champion, the bridge king, the king of the bridge, and the poker king, how many young people can resist the temptation and sit quietly in front of the boring Go board?


Wang Xinghao Seven Sections

In addition to focusing and diligence, the talent of some young players may also be a little bit lacking.Professional chess players born since the 1970s, for the top masters of the leading level, at the age of 17 or 8 have been impressive.Among them, Li Changhao, Li Shishi, Park Tingyu, Shen Zhenzhen, and Ke Jie of China all crowned the title of World Championship before the age of 20.Or have shined in the China -Japan ring competition.

However, Wang Xinghao, who we pay special attention to the post -rising draft, is 18 years old this year, but even the tickets of the World Championship have never been caught.It wasn’t for him to give him a chance, but to participate in the domestic qualifiers five times. He was named Sun Shan.Perhaps he is a late player, and he expects that he will take out a beautiful transcript as soon as possible after continuous tempering.

The above is the internal factors of the player, so what are the important factors in the external cause, is it very unfavorable to the cultivation of the emerging chess players?The author believes that that is the serious inaction of the Chinese Go Association and the National Go team.The main manifestations of the following three points: First, there is no long -term training planning and normalized training system, but to pass and spend it.Especially after the emergence of AI, the senior management of the association and the national team did not seem to match it.

The second is that under the impact of the epidemic, there are no active and planning to arrange actual combat competitions, so that the vast majority of young players can not play chess all year throughout the year.In the past two or three years, even many domestic competitions have canceled the qualifiers, and directly specify the top 32 masters to participate in the war. If you deprive youth professional chess players to participate, you may be alternative and suicide in the world’s chess world.Behavior.


Wang Xinghao Seven Sections

Third, no special measures are taken.In the very period, it is necessary to break the routine to take very high means. For example, because of the large number of world competitions held in China, they can set up a selection group for the post -01 or post -03 players., To motivate their fighting spirit.

Although the political policy of the epidemic prevention and control has changed a lot, it is not known when the spring of Chinese Go can come.If the gang’s master is the master of the Chinese Go Association, the darkness before dawn may be very long.

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  1. The psychological quality of the chess courtyard is really not general. It was scolded with blue and swollen face, saliva, and was so comfortable.admire!

  2. The first time I saw such a contemporary article, the leaders and coaches of the Chinese Chess Association and Go teams should be out of class. Do not delay the development of Go.Please ask the leaders and coaches to class immediately

  3. Without a good spiritual leader, it is impossibleLin is the first reason. The tradition of the atmosphere brought by Nie is two, the chess player is not stressed, and the small rich is the third. If there is no good leader, there is no good idea planning.Qi Shen …

  4. Siege should not use foreign aid.

  5. There is no official website in China Go!

  6. I once had a holy title, right and wrong to the present

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  8. The leaders of the Chinese Go Association are too doing it, sheep -style management, it really hurts Chinese Go!

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  10. I will not update the replacement, I am afraid there will be no date!嘴

  11. The Chinese Go Association has some actions

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    Thelegendarylifeofasoulengineer 12月 10, 2022 at 2:42 上午

    Four words: not to do business.Everything else is nonsense

  13. Shen Zhenxu is undoubtedly the first master of the Go industry today

  14. Compared with the Korean Chess Academy, our chess courtyard is lying on the 5th generation of the golden generation of the post -95s.I have forgotten the principle of being safe and dangerous.

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