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Ruo Bai: On the level of world Go master, the monarch is coming to the world or the crown is expected

The article is transferred from Baijia Number: Ruo Bai Go column

From the perspective of the performance and record in the World Go Competition in the past two years, the current world Go master can be roughly divided into three levels, specifically, the monarchy, the crown, and the hopeless winner.

There is no doubt that the first South Korean first person born in 2000, Shen Zhenzheng, is a leading and horses in the world’s chess world today. As the four crowns, his three -seater Golden Cup has been obtained since last year, namely 13The Chunlan Cup, the 26th LG Cup, and the 27th Samsung Cup. In addition, he also has the finals of the 9th Yingshi Cup and won the 26th Samsung Cup runner -up.Whether it is the performance of the world competition or the direct contest between each other, no other players can threaten the status of his world’s first person.

Shen Zhenji Nine Section

Which good players belong to the second level, that is, those who are in the crown?The finalist’s request is to win the world championship title in the past two years, or have reached the semi -finals, the finals, or the star of hope for the quarterfinals, and indeed have the strength of the world championship.There are not many recognized masters in this regard. Generally, Park Tingyu, Yu Yuting, Shen Yan, Yang Dingxin, Xie Ke, Ding Hao, Ke Jie, Tang Weixing, Bian Xiangyi, Cui Wei, Li Xuanhao, Fan Tingyu, etc.

These well -known top masters can be divided into two categories. The first category is the hope of winning the World Crown Trophy in one year, including Yang Dingxin, Ding Hao, Xiang Xiangyi, Shen Yizheng, Li Xuanhao, Yu Yu, Yu YuTing, Fan Tingyu, Xie Ke, Li Weiqing, etc.

Hope that it does not mean that it can be able to reach the Popular Pinerium of the World Crown. This requires them to calm down, especially focusing on Go, and fully study AI instead of carelessness and enjoy it.Some need good luck, otherwise it will be difficult to reach the other side of the ideal.I personally think that Yang Dingxin, Ding Hao, Bian Xiangyi, Li Xuanhao, and Li Weiqing have the greatest hope.

Yang Ding’s new nine paragraphs

The second category is that the hope is not very big, and even farther away.They are Ke Jie, Park Tingyu, Tang Weixing, Cui Jing.The first three signs of recession were obvious, especially Ke Jie.The woman’s first person Cui Jing ranked in the 27th Samsung Cup final. It was occasional dew, and her strength was still slightly owed.

Those who often participate in the world competitions, but in the past two years, there are less than eight in the quarterfinals.For example, Zhao Chenyu, Gu Zihao, Shi Yue, Shel Hao, Jiang Weijie, Dang Yifei, Tao Xinran, Tan Xiao, Li Qincheng, Lian Xiao, Xu Jiayang, Tu Xiaoyu, Wang Xinghao, etc.Zhen, Jinming Xun, etc.; Japan’s Yiliao, Zhiye Tiger Wan, Yoshan Yuta, Xu Jiayuan, etc.

Among them, Gu Zihao, Zhao Chenyu, Sheerhao, Li Qincheng, Jiang Dongrun, Jin Mingxun, Jingshan Yutai, Yiliao Liao and other good players may be the role of the disruption.

The levels of Gu Zihao, Shel Hao, and Li Qincheng are currently ranked among the top ten of Chinese Go. It is reasonable to have the strength of the World Championship, but their recent performance is not outstanding, even worse.For example, the well -known Gu Zihao participated in three world competitions this year and failed to rank among the quarterfinals.They will be observed in the future.

Fan Tingyu and Li Xuanhao

As for those Chinese, Japanese and Korean players who occasionally participated in the world competition, and Taiwan and European and American players, they are all roles of soy sauce. If they really want to distinguish, they can only be counted as the fourth level.

There are two world Go contests in the World Go contest this month.Ko Jie, Tang Weixing, Yang Dingxin, Li Weiqing, Li Xuanhao and other seven.Maybe after these four rounds, the competitive status and future prospects of some professional masters will be clearer.

For the above levels, what are the good opinions of chess fans?Please comment as hope!

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    Mr. Feng Chu fell in Luofengpo, and Ke Jie could not pass the Rotten Cup.[Haha]

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  6. Ke Jie fell like a meteorite.EssenceEssence

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  8. Ke Jie is not as unbearable as you said, Dang Yifei is also very hopeful, almost Gu Zihao and Li Qincheng.How many.

  9. 2022 is the Dingye who saved Chinese Go alone. He hoped that Ding Ye could continue to make persistent and break through a crown.

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