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Rudian won 9 innings to defeat Lubrev to advance to the championship with Djokovic


After Rudle victory over Lubrev’s 68 -minute quick decision, he will compete with Djo in the finals

On November 20th, Beijing time, the 2022 ATP year -end finals ended the men’s singles semi -final competition. After the hot-feeling Ruda, after playing the attack wave of 9 games in a row, although the hand-softened second game was lost for three consecutive games in the last stage, it was eventually 6-2/6-4. Lev, the final final of his first year -end finals, will be championship with the five champion Djokovic in Djokovic.

After Ludrev defeated in the four consecutive consecutive games, Rudle won his opponent, and both victory were won in the ATP year -end finals. Last year’s group stage, Ruder lost and won the seven risks after losing a plate first.

Rubilef won the championship of 51 wins and 20 losses, the two -entry Grand Slam, and the finals of the four -entrance tour (Marseille 250, Dubai 500, Belgrade 250, Higong 250) ended the individual’s 2022 season.

At 2 am on November 21, the men’s singles final of the ATP annual finals of the 2022 season will be launched between Rude, 23, and Djokovic, 35. Ping Feidler’s six -crowned record and $ 4.74 million in the highest single bonus of the net altar launched the most powerful impact!

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  1. Pay attention to physical allocation

  2. Djo, Nadal, and Federer are the greatest players in the history of the Internet. You can not like them, but you are degraded and attacking any of them. Product and tutor.

  3. The ruble let the fake ball enter the final, not fighting!

  4. What kind of family environment are you educating such a cheap personality!

  5. Is it difficult for yourself to do well

  6. Rude runner -up, and the gap with Delby is obvious.

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    2022Thereisawordintheimmortal 11月 20, 2022 at 2:27 上午

    Chicken dung and face to talk about others? Looking at the unsuccessful Zhang, it is just a defeat. I dare to talk about the character and tutor?

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  9. Before you say this, ask yourself how the chicken manure spray people online

  10. Paris lost to Lubei, and Terin will not lose to another surname Lu, right? ?

  11. Are you sick or have you been stupid? Intersection

  12. Weak after the fierce battle with Xixi.

  13. You keep showing the IQ, showing people, showing tutoring.

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    LittleDehighpressureisamazing 11月 20, 2022 at 2:27 上午

    I am not sick. We do n’t need to explode. Djo retired, or was banned for life because of taking stimulants, canceled all results, confiscated all personal property, and Lingchi Dejokovich, a global live broadcast of Ping An Night. Full of dissatisfaction? Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

  15. Rubbing: De Ge, pack the braised eggs for me.

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