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Ru Diger was proud of the action and did not respect the Japanese team.

The German defender Ludiger was unforgettable, and he disrespected his opponent … As a result, he was hit by the Japanese team’s goal.(Li Puli)

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  1. This is called brake running. Usually players have this action. Ludieig exaggerated …

  2. Blanka frog jet

  3. Is it not important to pretend to be, anyway, others already think he is pretending to be forced to forceThen …

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    NeymarabusedAntonLate||root 11月 24, 2022 at 4:15 上午

    I went to Real Madrid, I don’t know who I am

  5. I should look back before Bolt hit the line.Ah

  6. Losses well, play the ball, play a good goals, engage in political show, and then lose, hurry up and get me!

  7. Black donkey is the black donkey

  8. It turns out that this is the case, then the misunderstanding

  9. History has proved countless times …Haha, slap … [Smile]

  10. He is accelerating

  11. This year, the frogman jump of Mexico was not insulting your village?Intersection

  12. Family accelerates running like this. Okay

  13. Ludiiger often runs like this, think too much

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