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Rossignol x Blackbria Black Thorns launched a limited -grade joint skiing bag

When the snowy kingdom spanning a century meets the trend of fashion at the forefront of fashion, this is unprecedented with hardcore CP, and the Limited Ski Pack of Rossignol X Blackbria is officially launched this month!

Blackbria Black Thorns Brand was founded in Seoul, South Korea. Founding Human Mandarin is the Korean professional single -board champion and a famous Korean designer. It has multiple trendy brands and has cooperated with many international brands. Become an outdoor equipment brand sought after by young tide people. The century -old French ski brand Rossignol not only has a global ski competitive gene, but also has never been absent in terms of fashion trends. As early as the 20th century, Rossignol pushed the ski clothing and equipment of fashion and competitiveness to the world. This time, Rossignol Ride Free The fantasy linkage of the series and Blackbria black thorns, stunning skiing world, can be called hardcore CP!

The joint skiing bag launched this time has five major hardcore functions;

1. Super waterproof: water -proof function, no fear of weather changes, exhaust drainage system, keep the internal drying at any time

2. Super stylish: Professional 720 ° full -scale protection, anti -dirty and anti -collision, long -lasting durability, always stylish

3. Super safe: TAS customs password lock and anti -theft line design to avoid lost items, safe and practical

4. Super energy installation: multifunctional storage design, large storage space, satisfying a variety of scenarios of urban outdoor

5. Super intimate; just right folding storage design, saving space, protecting bags is not polluted, and more humane.

And launch three types of capacity, free choice!

Version 65L: It can be stored in snowboarding tools, a bag in hand, the snow field is smooth, suitable for the luggage compartment of the aircraft, exempt from consignment, more convenient

35L version: Receiving laptop computer, outdoor clothing, sports equipment, regardless of urban or outdoor, calmly cope with

25L version: can accommodate small outdoor clothing and equipment.

This joint skiing package has been fully opened for sale on Rossignol online and offline stores. Come and unlock this pair of fashion hardcore CPs, and lit the new fashion trend together!

About Rossignol Lucuo

Rossignol was founded in the French Alps in 1907. With its century -old skiing spirit as the core, the stores have spread all over 51 countries in the world. Adapt to various living scenarios such as outdoor sports, leisure vacations, and social entertainment from high mountains to cities. Today, it has become one of the five major ice and snow sports equipment manufacturers in the world. It has sponsored more than 80 Olympic gold medalists, has a top ski championship team, and helps them refresh the ultimate sports performance of human beings with continuously innovative cutting -edge technology.

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