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Ronaldo Ronaldo gave up the remaining 16 million pound salary Manchester United will introduce the striker

In the early morning of Wednesday, Beijing time, Manchester United officially announced that Ronaldo left the team and the agreement immediately took effect.

Manchester United officially issued a notice: “With the consent of both parties, Ronaldo will leave Manchester United and the agreement will take effect immediately. The club thank him for his great contribution in the two stages of Old Trafford. He played in 346 times.He scored 145 goals and wished him and his family in the future. Everyone in Manchester United focused on continuing the team’s progress under the leadership of Teng Hahh, and worked hard to succeed on the court. “

According to British journalist Wil, Ronaldo gave up the wages of £ 16 million in the remaining contracts.

According to reports, Ronaldo did not ask for the salary in the contract, and Manchester United also believed that the termination of the contract would not cause major losses to the club.The salary salary saved by Manchester United can introduce a forward in the winter transfer window.

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    Memoryisthecoloroftheseasoulshirt 23 11 月, 2022 at 2:11 上午

    The word “abandonment” is very suitable for net red [haha] [Haha] [Haha]

  2. Classic tactics “Save Luo”

  3. Give up the salary, it can be

  4. I hope that the blood of Manchester United team will continue this wave of chicken blood can continue to continue For a long time, the face will be lost.

  5. Where is the court?

  6. Mei fans are love fantasies. Unfortunately Cruel [Yun Bei]

  7. At this time, the Roman and Plum Blows who dare to come out. I must give you the 20 cm thick skin. Praise [Yun Bei]

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    WitnesstowitnesswitnessSt.Siro 23 11 月, 2022 at 2:11 上午

    Rich is willfulness, 16 million British pounds said no, no, no need no matter

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