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Ronaldo became the only free player in the World Cup Maradona without a team that year

Cristiano Ronaldo and Man jointly terminated and became the only free player in the World Cup.

Add a small knowledge, do not do comparative association:

At the World Cup in 1994, Maradona was also a free player.

The contract between the old horse and the old boy’s old boy was suspended early in February 1994, and he also made a shooting reporter. Later, he did not have a new owner.A few months before the World Cup, Lao Ma rely on his own training to maintain the state. He still entered the World Cup list and scored in Greece.

After the World Cup, Maradona was in the duration of the medication, and it was not lifted back to the ban in September 1995 to sign a contract with Boca youth.

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  1. The ball skills are not comparable, and the lower limit is started. For this, J is always like this. [Digging nose]

  2. C Ronaldo is free at the club, Manchester United is reborn, I do not know the national team. Essence Essence

  3. He is eligible to compare with Maradona?

  4. Stupid home! The ball king is only right and cold, and the inferior low -energy net red is just to the small fans!

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    Forest2012madnesssong_156 11月 24, 2022 at 4:13 上午

    It is a coincidence that it is a coincidence.

  6. You are the maggot of the dark carnival in the dark!

  7. In 1994, if the old horse was not forbidden, Argentina could sing all the way.

  8. Kick Mexico Mei Baozhong to fight hormones and be heavenly gods. Essence Essence [Yun Bei]

  9. The qualifications of the shoes are not qualified, less forced

  10. There is a strong premonition, Cristiano Ronaldo will definitely eat stimulants this World Cup. This product seems to have all the honors of his life in this World Cup, but how can his old physical physical problem be solved? Only eating stimulants! Intersection Intersection

  11. The North Korean team was all

  12. This point is more like

  13. After eating dumplings, I still scolded her mother, letting people broke out and hit the door. Essence [black line]

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