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Rodrigo: After winning the Champions League, you will use the World Cup to hope that Real Madrid fans will support Brazil

The Brazilian international Rodrigo said he won the Champions League championship last season and achieved the first goal in life. He is now facing his second goal, that is, the World Cup champion.

Real Madrid Blood Star Rodrigo is only 21 years old this year, and he is selected as the Brazilian team to participate in the World Cup.

Rodrigo said in an interview with the Spanish “Marca”: “I will always be prepared. When I join Real Madrid, I have two goals. The first is to win the Champions League champion, the second is the Brazilian team Winning the World Cup champion together, I am very happy that the World Cup will come soon. “

When talking about his role in the club and the national team, Rodrigo said: “I believe that if I have the opportunity, I can be a leader and help the team with all I have.”

Among the Real Madrid teammates who may face at the World Cup, Rodrigogo believes that the German international Lu Diger is the most difficult to deal with: “He is strong, it is difficult to lose him. When training every day, it also causes a headache.”

Rodrigo also hopes that Real Madrid fans can support the Brazilian team: “I hope Real Madrid fans will support the Brazilian team because of me, Venetius and Militon.”

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    BiologicalCarbonStrongAerobicInstitution 11月 17, 2022 at 2:36 上午

    Support Brazil

  2. Africa French team

  3. I think too much

  4. No problemAs long as the French championship is not allowed, I support any other country to win the championship!

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